Ranks in Army, Navy, Air force, CAPF and Police


Defense is one of the aspiring services for brave hearten and patriotic people. Indian Defense Forceshave always inspired young aspirants to come and serve our country. If you are looking forward to start your career with Indian Defense Forces or you are preparing for Bank, SSC & government exam then it is important for you to know about the hierarchy and the various Ranks in Army, Navy and Air force, Police and CAPF in India. 


CAPF Police Army Navy Air Force
Director General(DG) Director General of Police (DGP) General Admiral of fleet Marshal of Air force
Inspector general(IG) Additional Director General Of Police (ADGP) Lieutenant general Admiral Air chief marshal
Deputy Inspector General(DIG) Inspector General Of Police/ Special Inspector General Of Police (IGP/SIGP) Major general Vice admiral Air marshal
Commandant Deputy Inspector General Of Police (DIGP) Brigadier Rear Admiral Air vice marshal
Second in commandant Superintendent of Police/Deputy Commissioner Of Police Colonel Commodore Air commodore
Deputy Commandant Additional Superintendent Of Police Lieutenant colonel Captain


Group captain
Assistant Commandant Deputy Superintendent of Police Major Lieutenant Commodore Wing commodore
Inspector  Police Inspector Captain Lieutenant Squadron leader
Sub Inspector  Assistant Police Inspector Lieutenant Ensign Midshipman Flying lieutenant
Assistant sub inspector  Police Sub-Inspector (SI) Subedar major Warrant officer Flying officer
Head constable Assistant Police Sub-Inspector (ASI) Subedar Petty officer Pilot officer
Senior constable Head constable Naib Subedar Leading seaman Flight cadet
Constable Police constable Sepoy Seaman Air craft man