Directions[Q1 to Q6], a pair of words is given, followed by four pairs of words as alternatives. The candidate is required to choose the pair in which the words bear the sane relationship to each other as the words of the given pair bear.


Q1. Arrows: Quiver

  1. a) Fear: Tremble      
  2. b) Money: Bank      
  3. c) Sound: Music       
  4. d) Coin: Mint


Q2. Partridge: Covey

  1. a) Directors: Band  
  2. b) Mountain: Range   
  3. c) Sheep: Swarm     
  4. d) Goods: Consignment


Q3. Embarrass: Humiliate

  1. a) Enquire: Ask   
  2. b) Embezzle: Peculate  
  3. c) Gamble: Investment  
  4. d) Annoy: Exasperate


Q4. Aerie : Eagle

  1. a) capital : government     
  2. b) bridge : architect     
  3. c) unit : apartment    
  4. d) house : person


Q5. Farce: Absurdity

  1. a) Disease: Medicine  

b)Charity: Generosity   

  1. c) Tragedy: Comedy  
  2. d) Energy: Electricity


Q6. Conviction : Incarceration

  1. a) reduction : diminution   
  2. b) induction : amelioration
  3. c)  radicalization : estimation  
  4. d) marginalization : intimidation


Directions[Q7 to Q10]IN THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS  there is a relationship between two given words on one side of: : and one word is given on another side of: : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternative.


Q7. Dungeon: Confinement:: Asylum : ?

  1. a) Refuge       
  2. b) Mercy     
  3. c) Truancy          
  4. d) Remorse


Q8. Scribble: Write: : Stammer : ?

  1. a) Walk     
  2. b) Play      
  3. c) Speak     
  4. d) Dance


Q9. Quail: Partridges: : Yak: ?

  1. a) Cows    
  2. b) Deer    
  3. c) Oxen      
  4. d) Antelopes


Q10. Snake: Fang : : Bee: ?

  1. a) Honey    
  2. b) Humming  
  3. c) Wax   
  4. d) Sting


Directions[Q11 to Q15]Choose the word out of the given four alternatives which will fill in the blank space and show the same relationship with the third word as between the first two.


Q11. Embarrassed is to humiliated as frightened is to…..

  1. a) terrified       
  2. b) agitated      
  3. c) courageous      
  4. d) reckless


Q12. Candid is to indirect as honest is to………

  1. a) Frank     
  2. b) wicked    
  3. c) truthful       
  4. d) untruthful


Q13. Bhakra is to Sutlej as Aswan is to ……..

  1. a) Indus    
  2. b) Damodar   
  3. c) Volga    
  4. d) Nile


Q14. Insomnia is to Lead as Minamata is to……

  1. a) Tobacco  


  1. c) Alcohol  
  2. d) Chromium


Q15. Amorphousness is to Definition as Lassitude is to……

  1. a) Energy   
  2. b) Awareness   
  3. c) Uniformity  
  4. d) Companionship


Q16. A watch shows 4.30. If the minute hand points to east, in what direction will the hour hand point?

  1. North-West    
  2. South-East    
  3. North-East    
  4. North


Q17. On an election day Santhosh walked from a place, 10 km towards South to reach the polling station, then turned left upto 2 km, then took a right turn, and took another 4 kms walk. Again he turned right and walked for 12 kms and took a 14 km walk by turning to North, and there he could see the polling station at a 12 km distance after taking a right turn. In which direction is the polling station situated?






Q18. One evening, two friends Riya and Priya were talking to each other, with their backs towards each other, sitting in a park. If Riya’s shadow was exactly to the left of her, then which direction was Priya facing?

  1. North-East
  2. north
  3. East
  4. South

Q19. Two buses start from the opposite points of a main road, 150kms apart. The first bus runs for 25kms and takes a right turn and then runs for 15 kms. It then turns left and runs for another 25 kms and takes the direction back to reach the mai road. In the meantime, due to a minor breakdown, the other bus has run only 35 kms along the main road. What would be the distance between the two buses at this point?

  1. 65kms              
  2. 75kms              
  3. 80 kms              
  4. 85kms


Q20. Fifteen boys are standing in a row facing opposite direction alternately from left to right. If the fourth boy from left is facing towards the east then the fifth boy from the right is facing which direction?

  1. South     
  2. North-west         
  3. East     
  4. WEST