Shri Vijay Goyal launched ‘Online Assurance Monitoring System’

  1. Shri Vijay Goyal launched ‘Online Assurance Monitoring System’ – The Union Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of Statistics and Program Implementation, Shri Vijay Goyal launched the ‘Online Assurance Monitoring System (OMAS)’ developed by the Union Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. The information related to assurances given on the table of both the houses of Parliament from this system has now become paperless. In other words, such notifications have now become available in digital format.

Different ministers also give various assurances on the floor of the House while                  answering questions in the Parliament or making any statement. Keeping in view the          guidelines laid down for this purpose, the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs separates          such assurances from the proceedings of the House and sends out these assurances to        the concerned Ministries so that they can be completed.


  1. The Cabinet approved the MoU between India and Lebanon for cooperation in agriculture and allied sectors. – Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Union Cabinet has approved the signing of MoU between India and Lebanon for cooperation in agriculture and allied sectors.

With bilateral cooperation in the field of agriculture, the two countries will get mutual          benefit. The Memorandum of Understanding will encourage the understanding of best          agricultural practices in both countries and will help in increasing the productivity of            farmers and improving the global market.

By understanding the best practices of each other and reaching the world market, the        Memorandum of Understanding will help in increasing agricultural production and                productivity . With this innovative technology will be used to increase production and          productivity and as a result, food security will be strengthened.


  1. Indian Inland Waterways Authority will start a new Ro-Ro service for Majuli Island; The distance from 423 Kms to 12.7 Kms will be – Indian Inland Waterways Authority (IWAI) will start roll on-roll off (Ro-Ro) facility for Majuli Island in collaboration with Assam Government. Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Sarwanand Sonowal will flag off new Ro-Ro service on October 11, 2018 By using the river-route of this Ro-Ro facility, the distance of 423 km long winding road will be reduced to only 12.7 kilometers. By road, trucks have to reach Majuly Island from Neemati via Tejpur road bridge.

IWAI has purchased a new ship, MV Bhupen Hazarika, for a new service at a cost of Rs        9.46 crore and has provided the necessary terminal. 46.5 meters long, 13.3 meters            wide  ship can carry 8 trucks and 100 passengers. IWAI is planning to buy some such        ro-roop ships for use in Brahmaputra river.


  1. International Monetary Fund Announced India’s Economic Growth Rate for 7.3% in the current financial year –International Monetary Fund has projected India’s economic growth rate to be 7.3 percent in the current financial year and 7.4 percent in 2019. In 2017, India’s economic growth rate was 6 percent 7 percent.

In its latest report on the World Economic Outlook for 2019, it is lower than the                  estimation of April 2018. The rise in crude oil prices and the hard economic conditions        of  the world have been explained as the reason.

The report also mentioned recently the economic reforms in India that included steps          such as recovering from the impact of the goods and services tax (GST) and ban on            bonding, keeping inflation under control, enforcement of bankruptcy and bankruptcy,          and liberalization of foreign investment. Are there.


  1. Virat Kohli can stay out of ODI series against West Indies – Virat Kohli, who is captaining the two Test series against the West Indies, can rest in the ODI series. India won the first Test innings and 272 runs against the West Indies at Rajkot. The second test starts in Hyderabad on Friday. After this, a series of five ODIs against the West Indies will begin on October 21. There should be a series of three T-20 matches against the same team from 4 November. BCCI’s top official said that Virat can stay out of ODI series. He can rest.


  1. Among other diseases including dengue, jaundice and eye diseases, there is sage panic – Giloy has a multi-year lace. Its leaves are like leaf leaves. In Ayurveda literature, it has been considered as a great medicine of fever and has been given the name of life. Gilloi’s jungle forests, farms of mountains and rocks of mountains are commonly found in the horoscope climbing. It is also found near neem, amar tree. The tree that makes its base, its properties are also included in it. Neem cloned guiloy is considered to be the best medicine in this sense. It is slightly thicker than thumb to its thumb. It can be as thick as a brahman in a very old Giloy. From this place, the roots move on and move on downwards. The roots of rocks or fields on the ground penetrate into the ground and give birth to other vices.


  1. 208 Tests and 18 years of Australian team did not do this work, now have to be shy – The first Test match between Pakistan and Australia is being played in Dubai. In this match, the Australian team has continued its tradition which has been playing with the previous 18 years and 208 Test matches. Aron Finch debuted for Australia with Usman Khawaja in the match and the 142-run partnership between these two batsmen was also done.

    18 years and 208 years old tradition

Aaron Finch, 31, opened in the Dubai Test match against Pakistan. Finch, with openers        Usman Khawaja, hit 62 in the first innings of his first Test. Finch is a right-handed              batsman and Khawaja is left-handed batsman. The Australian team has continued a            tradition since 2000 and has also been seen in this Test match. For the last time                Australia’s two right-handed batsmen played in Opening in 2000. Since that time, 208        Tests and 18 years have passed since so far, and so far it has never happened that two       right-handed batsmen for Australia have opener.


  1. India ranks 147th in Oxfam world inequality index – India has been ranked among the bottom 10 countries in a new worldwide indexon the commitment of different nations to reduce inequalities in their populations. UK-based charity Oxfam International’s ‘Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) Index’ ranks India 147th among 157 countries. The index is topped by Denmark, based on its high and progressive taxation, high social spending and good protection of workers.


  1. NITI Aayog to hold Workshop on Best Practices in International Arbitration – In an effort to strengthen dispute resolution mechanisms and to not only encourage ‘Make in India’ but also to ‘Resolve in India’, a workshop is being organised on ‘Best Practices in International Arbitration’ by NITI Aayog. The workshop is being organised in collaboration with ICC International Court of Arbitration in New Delhi on 10 October 2018. The workshop would cover basic concepts of international arbitration and include best practices on drafting, selection of arbitrators, enforcement of arbitral awards, role of courts in the arbitration life cycle, among other topics, with information sharing sessions to be conducted by world class faculty and practitioners from the United Kingdom, Singapore, Paris and India.


  1. Singer Nitin Bali passes away in Mumbai road accident – Singer Nitin Bali died from injuries sustained in a car accident, police said. He was 47. Bali, who shot to fame in the 1990s singing remixed yesteryear hits, was injured when his car hit a divider on SV Road in suburban Borivali.