Sputnik V vaccine launched in India, price Rs 995 per dose

1. Nuklu Phom became the first Indian to win the Whitley Awards
The Whitley Awards are called the ” Green Oscar “. The Whitley Award in 2021 has been won by Nuklu Phom of Nagaland . He is the only Indian to receive this award . The Whitley Awards are presented annually by the Whitley Fund for Nature . It has been presented to honor grassroots conservation leaders. It includes reference, application and interview process. The Whitley Fund for Nature was founded in 1994 by Edward Whitley. It has so far given £ 16 million to support the work of two million environmental heroes.
2. On the recommendation of the Kovid Working Group, the difference between the two doses of the Kovishield vaccine was increased from 6–8 weeks to 12–16 weeks.
The Kovid Working Group, led by Dr. NK Arora , has recommended increasing the difference between the first dose and second dose of the Kovishield vaccine from 6–8 weeks to 12–16 weeks . The current difference between the two doses of Covishield is 6–8 weeks. On the basis of available real-life evidence, particularly the UK evidence, the Kovid Working Group has agreed to increase the dose difference of both covishields to 12–16 weeks. The working group has not recommended a change in the interval of the covaxin vaccine . Recommended Kovid Working Group on Policy Commission member (health) Dr. V Paul in Adhytkshta the National Expert Group on vaccine administration Kovid -19 (Anijivisi)Was accepted in the meeting held on 12 May 2021. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has also accepted the Working Group’s recommendation to increase the gap between the two doses of covicield by 12–16 weeks.
3. Sputnik V vaccine launched in India, price Rs 995 per dose
On 14 May 2021, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories announced that it had launched Sputnik V in India. This vaccine is imported from Russia . And is distributed by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. Currently, Sputnik V is the second most expensive COVID-19 vaccine in the country. A dose of Sputnik V is priced at Rs 995 . The COVISHIELD vaccine was priced at Rs 400 per dose. Recently it has been reduced to Rs 300 per dose. This vaccine is produced locally by the Serum Institute of India. COVAXINThe price is Rs 600 per dose for state governments and Rs 1,200 for private hospitals. Sputnik V was developed in Moscow by the Gamleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. It is a two-dose vaccine. However, recently a single dose vaccine of Sputnik V has been produced in Russia. This is called Sputnik Light Single Dose. India is using only double dose Sputnik V.
4. AYUSH Department Launches ‘Ayush Ghar Dwar’ Arogya Program for Kovid-19 Patients in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh
HP in the Department of AYUSH in Solan district for the Kovid -19 patients Ayush door has launched statewide health program “. The initiative aims to provide a holistic health service to ensure not only physical but mental, social and spiritual health through AYUSH.
5. Teams of National Disaster Response Force deployed in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Maharashtra in view of cyclone Tauktae Cyclone warning
Tauktae Cyclone is the first cyclone to hit India in 2021 . The Government of Kerala has issued a ” Red Alert “. Due to this effect, winds are expected to run at a speed of sixty to seventy kilometers per hour. Apart from this, there is a possibility of heavy rains and upheaval in the sea. The Meteorological Department has said that the low pressure area over Lakshadweep and the Arabian Sea will increase the intensity of the Tokte cyclonic storm. The Meteorological Department has placed Mumbai and Thane under Yellow Alert.
6. Oli again became PM of Nepal
Efforts to form the government of the Nepali Communist Party (Maoist Center) of Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda , separated from the main opposition party Nepali Congress and the government in Nepal , could not take off. After the passage of President Vidya Devi Bhandari said KP Sharma Oli was appointed prime minister once again. He did this using the powers obtained in the constitution of the country. For three days before this, the anti-Oli political forces of Nepal could not manage a majority for themselves. Due to this, the claim of the main opposition party Nepali Congress to form an alternative government could not be presented.
7. License of United Co-operative Bank of Bengal canceled
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has canceled the license of United Co-operative Bank Limited in Bengal . The bank ceased operations on 13 May 2021 with the end of the trading period. RBI said that the bank does not have sufficient capital to pay its depositors their full amount. In such a situation, the depositors will get their money back from the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) under the liquidity process of asset sale of the bank and it will be a maximum of five lakh rupees.
8. National Bamboo Mission: MIS module launched
The National Bamboo Mission recently launched the Management Information System – MIS to strengthen the domestic agarbatti industry . It will collect data about incense sticks production, availability of raw materials, location of stick making units, production capacity, functioning of units, etc. The system will act as an intermediary between the production units and the incense sticks industry. This information will help fill in the gaps. The National Bamboo Mission was launched in 2018-19. It is currently being implemented in 21 states.
9. Martin Griffiths appointed as the new Head of the United Nations
Veteran British diplomat Martin Griffiths to the five-year period, the United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has been appointed as the new head of the (Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). Griffith will replace Mark Lovelock as the new Under Secretary-General for OCHA’s Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator (USG / ERC). He is currently serving as the Special Envoy of the United Nations in Yemen. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) aims to strengthen international response to difficult emergencies and natural disasters. OCHA’s headquarters are in two locations, New York and Geneva.
10. World Bank Report: India is the largest recipient of remittances in 2020
The World Bank recently released the ” Migration and Development Brief ” report. This report stated that remittance flows for low-income and middle-income countries were 1.9% lower in 2020 than in 2019. It was 540 billion USD in 2020 and 548 billion USD in 2019. According to the report, the largest recipient of remittances to India in the year 2020Have been. India has been the largest recipient of remittances since 2008. However, remittances received by India in 2020 were over USD 83 billion, which is 0.2 per cent less than 2019 (USD 83.3 billion). Globally, remittance flows were USD 540 billion in 2020, which is 1.9% lower than in 2019, when it was USD 548 billion. The top five remittance recipients of the year 2020, in current US dollars, were India, China, Mexico, the Philippines and Egypt . The top five recipients in the year 2020, as a part of gross domestic product (GDP), were, in contrast, smaller economies: Tonga, Lebanon, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and El Salvador.
11. Perseverance rover began to study the floor of the ancient crater
The Perverance Rover of the Mars 2020 mission will study the floor of an ancient crater on Mars . This crater once used to have a lake. ” WATSON ” to take detailed pictures of the Perverance Rover Rocks”. In addition, it will use zoomable cameras to survey the area. Scientists are still wondering whether the rocks of Mars are igneous or sedimentary. Igneous rocks are formed by volcanic activity. Mineral fragments such as mud, sand etc. form sediment / sedimentary rocks in the presence of water. Perseverance Rover is an astronomy mission. The purpose of this mission is to discover signs of ancient microbial life in Mars. Perceverance is the first mission to collect the rock and regolith (broken rock and dust) of Mars. Earlier ‘Curiosity’ rover was sent to Mars. This rover has seven payload instruments, two micro phones and 19 cameras. It will drill Mars soil and collect the main samples of Mars rocks.
12. Scientists find a new way to block the attachment of HPIV
Scientists have recently discovered a new way to block the attachment of HPIV (Human Para Influenza Viruses) . HPIV childhood respiratory infection(respiratory infections) is the leading cause of death. More than 30% to 40% of children die due to respiratory disease. HPIV sticks to cells and injects genetic material into cells. This is done so that the injected genetic material starts forming new viruses. Scientists have now found a way to block this entry. This method is highly efficient in inhibiting HPIV-3. This virus uses special fusion proteins that resemble a three-sided corkscrew to enter human cells. Cholesterol and beta amino acids were previously found to be useful to block HPIV. although, They were not skilled. Scientists have now created a new peptide by combining cholesterol and beta amino acids. Gellman lab found that modified beta amino acid containing peptides could block the virus. Moscona Protto lab Was added with a particle of cholesterol. This produced a smooth cell membrane that blocked the virus. When the above two methods were combined, the anti-viral efficacy tripled.
13. 99 out of 100 cities with environmental risk are in Asia: report
A private firm Verisk Maplcroft found (Verisk Maplecroft) that Asian cities are facing the highest risk of environmental issues are. This includes natural disasters and air pollution. Out of the 100 most vulnerable cities, 99 cities are located in Asia . Out of 100, about 37 in China and 43 in IndiaHuh. China and India are the first and third largest greenhouse gas emitters in the world. Around 5 billion people spread across 414 cities of the world are at high risk of water shortages, pollution, natural hazards, extreme heat and other physical effects of climate change. 13 of the 20 highest-risk cities are in India. This is mainly due to air and water pollution. Jakarta topped this list and was the most risky city in the world. China’s well-known cities Dongguan (Dongguan) and Guangzhou (Guangzhou) topped the list of cities facing threats from natural hazards. They were followed by Osaka and Tokyo from Japan. Japanese cities are vulnerable to thunderstorms and earthquakes. Lima is the only non-Asian city to enter the top 100 riskiest cities in the world. Glasgow was rated as the safest city.
14. Bee Products Available Before 40,000 Years
University of Bristol (University of Bristol) and Goethe University scientists (Goethe University) by Nigeria were found in bee wax pottery found traces of (bee wax). These pottery belong to Nok culture . From these utensils it has been concluded that bee and bee products were available before 40,000 years. The practice of beekeeping dates back to 2600 BC. The people of Nok culture belonged to the Iron Age. The Nok culture is known for its terracotta sculptures. The people of the Nok culture used clay to make their sculptures. The clay used in all the sculptures was the same. This showed that the soil came from a single source and was controlled by a central authority.
15. Voyager 1 detected a continuous sound in space.
Voyager 1 Probe has recently discovered humming sound in space . Scientists have named it ” plasma wave emission “. This sound has been reported as interstellar gas activity. Voyager 1 will help scientists understand the interactions between solar winds and the interstellar medium. This sound was discovered by Voyager’s Plasma Wave System Instrument. This sound was heard when Voyager 1 exited the heliosphere and entered interstellar space. The sound was first heard three months after Voyager 1 exited the heliosphere. Secondly this sound was heard after 6 months. However, the second sound was louder. With this, scientists have concluded that the interstellar medium is rapidly thickening.
16. 8th installment of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM Kisan Samman Nidhi) released
Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently eighth installment of Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM Kisan Samman Nidhi)Released. Under the eighth installment, more than 20 thousand crores have been sent directly to the accounts of the beneficiary farmers through the world’s largest direct cash transfer scheme. Under this scheme, the Government of India transfers Rs 6,000 to the account of small and marginal farmers. These funds are transferred in three installments. The first installment of Rs 2,000 is given between April and June. The second installment is offered between August and November. The third installment is offered between December and March. The scheme was launched in 2018. The scheme provides financial assistance to farmers who own land up to two hectares. So far, the Government of India has provided 75,000 crore rupees under this scheme. It aims to cover 125 million farmers.
17. The central government filed a review petition in the Supreme Court for Maratha reservation
The central government has Maratha reservations for (Maratha Reservation) The Supreme Court in the petition is filed. In fact, earlier on May 5, the Supreme Court of India stayed the Maratha reservation because it is crossing the 50% limit of reservation. The Supreme Court declared Maharashtra’s law as unconstitutional which guaranteed reservation to Maratha community for their quota in employment and public education.
18. Pablo Picasso’s painting sold for Rs 754 crores “Woman Sitting Near a Window”
Recently Pablo Picasso ‘s painting ” Woman Sitting Near a Window (Marie-Therese) ” sold for $ 103.4 million (about Rs 754 crore) . This painting was sold in New York. This painting was completed in 1932. The painting was bid for $ 90 million in the 19th minute of the auction itself, which increased to US $ 103.4 million when fees and commissions were added. It was earlier estimated that the painting would sell for US $ 55 million. Pablo Picasso was a great Spanish painter, craftsman and theater designer. He was born on 25 October 1881 in Malaga, Spain.
19. Manchester City won the title of 2020-21 Premier League champions
Manchester United have crowned Manchester City the Premier League champions for the third time in four seasons following a 2–1 loss to Leicester . United started a century of victories in football, now City with five titles in 10 seasons and the team spends the most on transfers and salaries. City have now won three Premier League titles and eight major trophies under the leadership of Guardiola, who signed a new two-year contract to remain at the club until 2023 last year.
20. Indus Darshan-2121 ceremony of Ladakh postponed in view of Corona situation
Ladakh administration seeing Indus in view of Kovid situation – 2021The ceremony has been postponed. Earlier, Indresh Kumar, Chief Conservator of Sindhu Darshan Yatra Samiti had said that Indus Mahakumbh is being postponed till the Kovid situation becomes normal. The Indus Darshan Festival was to be held from 19 to 27 June this year. The festival makes the general public aware of the Indus River and promotes its importance as a symbol of the communal unity of the country. It is known that the Indus River is one of the most important water systems of the Indian subcontinent. It is considered to be one of the longest rivers in the world and most of its total drainage area is in India and Pakistan. The Indus river system mainly consists of 6 rivers – Indus, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej. The Indus River has its tributaries – Chenab, Jhelum, Sutlej, Sangam with Ravi and Beas takes place in Pakistan. Most of the people living along the river in India and Pakistan depend on this river system for their basic needs and irrigation etc.
21. Times Group Chairman Indu Jain passes away
Times Group chairperson Indu Jain has passed away at the age of 84 years. She was the chairperson of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., the nation’s largest media conglomerate , known as the Times Group. He died due to complications arising from a corona virus infection. Jain was also the founder of the Times Foundation established for welfare activities and also founded the women’s wing of industry lobby FICCI . He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan , the country’s third-highest civilian honor, in 2016 .