State-of-the-art earthquake monkey drills will be conducted on December 21 in Haryana



1.State-of-the-art earthquake monkey drills will be conducted on December 21 in Haryana  :-

Earthquake MockDrill will be conducted in Haryana on December 21, 2017. All preparations are being made for this. This exercise is being jointly organized by Haryana State Disaster Management Authority and National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). Through this exercise, it will help the participating agencies and different stakeholders to take prompt action in case of disaster.


2.India has the second position in gross production of horticultural crops and fruits: Shri Radha Mohan Singh :-

Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has said that in the last several years, R & D projects have a very encouraging result on the cultivation of horticultural crops, which has resulted in four years of adverse climate conditions in horticulture crops. Has been more. After China, the second position in gross production of horticultural crops and fruits of our country is stated by the Union Agriculture Minister in a program organized on the occasion of World Orange Day in Nagpur.


3.Election Commission notices issued to Rahul Gandhi :-

On Sunday, the EC issued the notice to Congress President Rahul Gandhi for his interview to TV channels. This notice was released on December 13 exactly a day before the second phase of voting. In this, the Election Commission asked Rahul Gandhi why action should not be taken against him for violating code of conduct. On this, they were asked to respond before 5 o’clock in the evening on December 18.

After the notice was issued to Rahul Gandhi, there was a lot of allegation and opposition between Congress and BJP. Congress also accused the BJP of threatening journalists. At the same time, the commission was accused of working for the BJP. This decision of the Election Commission came just a day before the results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.


4.Prices will increase biscuits :-

In the new year, parley biscuits will become expensive. The biscuits and confectionery company’s preparations to increase prices of glucose, mari and milk biscuits are 4-5% in the first quarter of next year. This information was given by Mayank Shah, head of Parle Products Catalog.

Mayank said that the company has not yet decided on price hikes. But due to the increase in taxes, it is being considered in this regard. This work will be between January and March in the new year. Prices of biscuits worth less than Rs. 100 per kg can be increased by four to five per cent. It will include biscuits coming in glucose, milk and pepper categories. The price of the company’s leading brand Parle Jee, Bex Smith, English Mary and Milk Power brands can be increased. Since GST has not been implemented, the company has not raised the prices of these products.

Under GST, biscuits of less than 100 rupees (including glucose range) and above cost are placed in the 18 percent tax slab. There was no excise duty on the first biscuit of less than 100 rupees per kg. The market of nutritious biscuits of less than Rs 100 / kg is worth 9,000 crores. Its 25,000-crore organized biscuit market holds 35 percent stake.


5.Suicide attack on church in Pakistan, 9 killed, 44 wounded :-

In Pakistan, a week before the weekend, the terrorist havoc on the people of the Christian community gathered for the prayer meeting in the Church on Sunday. 9 people were killed and 44 injured in the attack by armed terrorists.

The attack took place in Bethel Memorial Church on the Zarghun Road in Quetta, southwestern province of Balochistan. The assault was carried out by two suicide bombers. Upon hearing the firing, the active policeman piled up one attacker at the main gate while another attacker went to the crowd and blew himself up. At the time of the attack there were about four hundred pilgrims in the church.


6.Spaceship, death of three passengers :-

The US, Russia and Japan’s three crew members went on a trip to the International Space Station on space. The space shuttle left from Kazakhstan carrying them and crashed into pieces in the middle of the road. There is no possibility of surviving any astronauts alive. NASA TV has given this information.

On a two-day trip, this group of astronauts went under the leadership of Russian commander Anton Schaapplerov. This team included Flight Engineer of Norway, Norishij Kanaai and NASA American engineer Scott Tingle. The spacecraft left from the Bikunur cosmodrome of Kazakhstan. At the time of the accident, the spacecraft was about 400 kilometers from the earth. All three astronauts had to meet Russian scientist Alexander Missurkin at the Space Station and Mark Wand Hei and Joe Aqaba of America. All three are present in the space station since September.


7.Rohit captained India by winning the one-day series, defeating Sri Lanka by 8 wickets in the last match :-

The third and final match between India and Sri Lanka was played in Visakhapatnam. In this match, India defeated Sri Lanka by 8 wickets and captured the ODI series. In the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, India won the ODI series for the first time. In the three ODIs, India won the title with 2-1 title. In this match, Team India captain Rohit Sharma won the toss and decided to bowl first. Earlier, batting first, the team scored 215 runs in 44.5 overs for 10 wickets.


8.GST Council sanctioned, will be applicable from 1st February, e-way bills :-

GST (commodity and service tax) council has made it compulsory from February 1, 2018, filling a crucial e-bill in its 24th meeting on Saturday. Now the rule will apply when the goods are taken from state to state. According to sources this information has come up.

Some states can implement both the inter-state (within the state) and the interstate (within states) e-pay bill on February 1, on a voluntary basis. The system for e-way bills will be made available from January 15. According to the source, the e-way bill within the states will be compulsory from June 1. At the same time, e-bills will be started in the state from February.