Name  Role Date of Birth Tenure
Womesh Chandra Bannerjee First President of Indian National Congress 29th December 1844 1882 – 1887
Jawaharlal Nehru First Prime Minister of India 14th November 1889 1947 – 1950
Sardar Vallabhai Patel First Home Minister of India 31st October 1875 1875-1950
Dr. Rajendra Prasad First President of India 3rd December 1884 1950- 1962


C.V Raman First Indian to get Nobel Prize in Physics 7th November 1888 1907-1917
Rakesh Sharma First Man in Space 13th January 1949 1970- 1982
Aryabhatta First satellite 476 AD 476- 550 CE
J.R.D. Tata First Indian Pilot in India 29th July 1904 1953 – 1978.


Abhinav Bindra First Indian to win a gold medal at the Olympic 28th September 1982 2010 -2014: Member of the ISSF Athletes Committee

2014- 2018: Chairman

Virendra Sehwag First Indian Cricketer to score a triple century 20th October 1978 1999- 2013
Vishwanathan Anand First Indian Grandmaster 11th December 1969 1988: First grandmaster from India
Ashish Kumar First Indian gymnast to win a medal at the Commonwealth Games 18th July 1994 2010: First medals in gymnastics at Asian Games, CWG


Baldev Singh Chokkar First Defence Minister of India 17th July 1900 1902- 1961
Major Somnath Sharma First Param Vir Chakra Winner 31st January 1923 1923- 1947
Sam Manekshaw First Field Marshal 3rd April 1914 1934- 2008
Subroto Mukherjee First Commander-in-Chief, Indian Air Force 14th June 1946 1911- 1960


Name Role
Robert Clive First Governor of Bengal
Warren Hastings Last Governor of Bengal
Warren Hastings First Governor General of Bengal
Lord William Bentinck First Governor General of India
Lord Canning Last Governor General and First Viceroy of India
C. Rajgopalachari First Indian Governor General of Independent India
Surendra Nath Banerjee First Indian to pass ICS
Satyendra Nath Tagore First Indian I.C.S Officer
Lord Louis Mountbatten First Governor General of India (after independence)
Sachidananda Nand Sinha First temporary president of the Constituent Assembly
General Kodandera M. Cariappa First Commander in chief of free India
Rabindra Nath Tagore First Indian Nobel Laureate
Dr Nagendra Singh First Indian Judge of the International Court of Justice
Dr S Radhakrishnan First Indian to get Bharat Ratna Award
Mihir Sen First Indian to swim across the English Channel
G. Sankara Kurup First Indian to get Jnanpeeth Award
Dr Zakir Hussain First Muslim President of Indian Republic
Baidyanath Nath First Indian to win Palk- Strait- Ocean Swimming Contest
G.V Mavlankar First Speaker of Lok Sabha
James Hicky First person to make printing press popular in India
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad First Education Minister of Independent India
Dr S Radha Krishnan First Vice President of Independent India
General M Rajendra Singh First Chief of Army Staff
Vice Admiral R.D Katari First Chief of Naval Staff of India
I.N.S Chakra First Atomic Submarine of India
INS Kalvari First Indian Submarine
Dr Hargovind Khurana First Scientist of Indian origin, to get nobel prize in the field of medical science
I.N.S Vikrant First Aircraft Carrier Indian Ship
Saifuddin Kichlu First Indian to win Stalin Award
Acharya Vinoba Bhave First Indian to win Magsaysay Award
Shyana Prasad Mukhrjee India’s first minister to resign from Union Cabinet
Sukumar Sen India’s first Election Commissioner
Badruddin Tayab Ji First Muslim President of Indian National Congress
H. J. Kania First Chief Justice of India
Hasrat Mohani First person to submit the proposal of Indian Independence in a Congress Session
Sherpa Phu Dorji First Indian to climb Mt. Everest without Oxygen Cylinder
Abdul Gaffar Khan First foreign recipient Bharat Ratna
Dr Amartya Sen First Indian recipient of Nobel Prize in Economics
Indira First Test Tube Baby of India
Lt. Ram Charan First Indian to reach Antarctica
Morarji Desai First Indian prime minister to resign from office
Dr Zakir Hussain First President of India to die in office
Nawang Gombu First man to climb Mt. Everest twice
Col. JK Bajaj First Indian to reach the South Pole
Bhanu Athaiya First Indian recipient of Oscar Award
Dwight D. Eisenhower First American President to visit India
Harold Mc Mitton First British Prime Minister to visit India
Ruskin Bond First Indian author to get Anderson Award
Wilson Jones First Indian to win World Billiards Trophy
Santosh George First Indian Space Tourist