Taj Mahal,Agra place in Delhi. It is built by Shah Jahan to his beloved wife Mumtaj. It stands as an example for India’s rich history. Every year, visitors visit this place in thousand hundreds. It is considered to be the one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is foreigners favourite tourist location.Having experienced in Taj Mahal,Agra and its history is very helpful in giving preference to you. There are number of positions available as a tourist guide.

1. What Is The English Translation Of Taj Mahal?

Answer :Crown of Palaces.

2.Who Was The Architect Of Taj Mahal?

Answer :Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

3. When The Taj Mahal Was Declared A Winner Of The New7wonders Of The World (2000–2007) Initiative?

Answer :2007

4. Where Is The Taj Mahal Located?

Answer :Agra, India

5. Who Was The Persian Wife Of The Mughal Emperor Whom The Taj Mahal Was Built For?

Answer :Mumtaz Mahal.

6.Who Was The Mughal Emperor That Commissioned The Building Of Taj Mahal?

Answer :Shah Jahan.

7. What Is The Taj Mahal Made Of?

Answer :Ivory-white marble.

8.When Was The Taj Mahal Designated As A Unesco World Heritage Site?

Answer :1983

9.What Is The Central Focus Of The Entire Complex Of The Taj Mahal?

Answer :Tomb

10.What Is Set Around The Taj Mahal Which Covers Around 300 Sq. Meters?

Answer :Mughal garden.11. When Was The Taj Mahal Completed?

Answer :1643.

12. What Is The Arch-shaped Doorway That Is In The Tomb Inside The Taj Mahal?

Answer :Iwan

13.What Time Do The Taj Mahal Grounds Open?

Answer :6:00 AM.

14. What Is The Estimated Cost Of Taj Mahal As Per 2015?

Answer :US$827 million.

15.What Is The Marble Water Tank Called Found Halfway Between The Tomb And Gateway In The Center Of The Garden Of Taj Mahal?

Answer :Al Hawd al-Kawthar.