1. Alcoholic drink contains ?

A. Methyl Alcohol

B. Methenol

C. Ethyl Alcohol

D. Aldehyde

(1. Ans : C)

2. “Guillain-Barre Syndrome” is reported to be associated with which vaccine?

A. AstraZeneca-Oxford Vacccine

B. Covaxin

C. Sputnik

D. Sinovac?

(2. Ans : A)

3. Shiv took Rs 68000 as a loan which along with interest is to be repaid in two equal annual installments, if the rate of interest is 12. 5% compounded annually then the value of each installments is ?

A. Rs. 81000

B. Rs. 41500

C. Rs. 40500

D. Rs. 40000

(3. Ans : C)

4. A and B are married and of these A are male. A is D’s father, but D is not his daughter. E is the grand daughter of A. C has only one daughter. A is F’s father. B is the daughter-in-law of A and has only one child. The family consists of only two married couples and only six members.

How is A related to B? 


A. Husband

B. Wife

C. Daughter in law

D. Father in law

(4. Ans: D)

5. This medicine is ____ from a tropical plant.


A. Deprived

2. Derived

3. Derisive

(5. Ans : B)