1. Excess fat in the body is stored in

 A. Adipose Tissue

 B. Acrosome

 C. Connective Tissue

 D. Bone Marrow

(Ans – A)

 2. India and Thailand have decided to develop a seaport at Dawei, earlier known as Tavoy. In which Asian country is this town located?

 A. Thailand

 B. Cambodia

 C. Myanmar

 D. Vietnam

 (Ans – C)

  1. Two vessels contain equal quantity of mixture of milk and water in the ratio 8:9 and 12:5 respectively. Both the mixtures are now mixed thoroughly. Find the ratio of milk to water in the new mixture so obtained.

 A.  7 : 10

 B. 13 : 21

 C. 12 : 21

 D .10 : 7

 (Ans – D)


  1. A is father of C but C is not his Son. B is brother of C. D is son of B. H is father of G. G is spouse of B. F is wife of A. E is daughter of C.

Who is grandmother of D?

A.  A

B.  C

C.  F

D. H

 (Ans – C)

 5. Which is a synonym of diction?

 A. Commentary

 B. Analysis

 C. Essay

 D. Wording

(Ans – D)