1. When lemon juice is poured on the baking soda, it rises sharply because of the gas produced by it?

 A. Hydrogen

 B. Oxygen

 C. Carbon dioxide

 D. None of these

(Ans – C)

  1. India recently held a virtual maritime exercise ‘Exercise Shield’, with which countries?

 A. Sri Lanka and Maldives

 B. Bangladesh and Maldives

 C. Japan and Thailand

 D. USA and Russia

(Ans – A)

  1. In a 56 Litre Mixture of Alcohal, the percentage of Alcohal reduced from 15% to 7.5% when some Water is added in the mixture. Calculate How much Quantity of Mixture Add in the mixture ?

 A. 30  Litre

 B. 40 Litre

 C. 56 Litre

 D. 60 Litre

(Ans – C)

  1. Pointing to a woman, Ram says, “She is the daughter of my mother’s husband’s mother.” How is that woman related to Ram?

 A. Auntie

 B. Granddaughter

 C. Sister

 D. Daughter

(Ans – A)

  1. Which is a synonym of phenomenal?

 A. Precious

 B. Insecure

 C. Extraordinary

 D. Everyday

(Ans – C)