1. Alcoholic drink contains _.

 A. Methyl alcohol

 B. Methenol

 C. Ethyl alcohol

 D. Aldehyde

(Ans – C)

  1. Which organization has set up a specialised lab for camera innovation at Hyderabad?

 A. Xiaomi

 B. Oppo

 C. Apple

 D. Samsung

 (Ans – B)

  1. If the area of three adjacent faces of a rectangular box which meet in the corner are 12 cm², 15 cm² and 20 cm² respectively. Then the volume of the box is

 A. 3600 cm³

 B. 300 cm³

 C. 60 cm³

 D. 180 cm³

(Ans – C)

  1. In a row A is 31st from left & B is 22nd from right. C is sitting exactly between them.

1) How many minimum number of people can sit in this row ?

2) In the minimum arrangement what is the position of C from left end of the row ?

 A. 31, 20th

 B. 32, 21th

 C. 33, 22nd.

 D. 31, 21th

(Ans – B)

  1. Which is a synonym of accolade?

 A. Fantastic

 B. Distinction

 C. Rejection

 D. Progress

(Ans – B)