1. Blades of a windmill possess __, hence they are turned by a fast wind.


A. Wind Energy

 B. Solar Energy

 C. Potential Energy

 D. All

(Ans – C)

  1. What is the name of the operation launched by the Indian Navy to protect Indian vessels in the Gulf region?


A. Operation Vanilla

 B.Operation Sankalp

 C.Operation Purple

 D. Operation Crude

(Ans – B)

  1. If a person spends 80% of his income, if his income increases by 20% and expenses increase by 10%, find the percentage increase in his savings?


 A. 50%

 B. 60%

 C. 30%

 D. 25%

(Ans – B)

  1. Both Aryan and Anjali are Sanu’s children. If Sanu is Aryan’s mother. Aryan is Rajesh’s son but Anjali is not Sanu’s son, how are Aryan and Anjali related.


 A. Aryan is Anjali’s brother

 B. Aryan is Anjali’s sister

 C. Aryan is Anjali’s cousin

 D. Aryan is Sanu’s cousin

(Ans – A)

  1. Which is a synonym of pedantic?

 A. Unusual

 B. Terse

 C. Related

 D. Unimaginative

(Ans – D)