1.Indian AXA Life Insurance has appointed which of the following actress as its new brand ambassador?
a. Vidya Balan
b. Kareena Kapoor
c. Disha Patani
d. Madhuri Dixit

ANSWER: a. Vidya Balan

2.Who among the following players has become the second Indian bowler to take wickets in Tests, surpassing former Indian captain Kapil Dev?
a. Ravindra Jadeja
b. R Ashwin
c. Hardik Pandya
d. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

ANSWER: b. R Ashwin

3.Which state government has partnered with the British Council to promote sports, education under the Premier League Primary Stars project?
a. Delhi
b. Bihar
c. Punjab
d. Jharkhand

ANSWER: a. Delhi

4.Which Ambassador of India to Palestine has passed away recently?
a. Sanjay Sudhir
b. Pawan Kapoor
c. Mukul Arya
d. Rahul Sachdeva

ANSWER: c. Mukul Arya

5.Jan Aushadhi Diwas is celebrated on which of the following days?
a. 12 January
b. 10 August
c. 18 December
d. 7 March

ANSWER: d. 7 March