1.In which of the following state Bank of Maharashtra has launched Project Banksakhi Yojana to open bank account online?
a. Odisha
b. Punjab
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Bihar

ANSWER: a. Odisha

2.The World Bank has announced a funding of how much of the following billion dollars to UN agencies and NGOs for Afghanistan?
a. three billion dollars
b. Four billion dollars
c. One billion dollars
d. five billion dollars

ANSWER: c. One billion dollars

3.World Wildlife Day is celebrated every year on which of the following days?
a. 10 January
b. 12 August
c. 15th May
d. March 3

ANSWER: d. March 3

4.In which country has Google launched its Google Play Pass service?
a. Nepal
b. Pakistan
c. India
d. Bhutan

ANSWER: c. India

5.Which of the following country has been given the host of the 31st South East Asian Games?
a. Russia
b. Vietnam
c. Thailand
d. Philippines

ANSWER: b. Vietnam