1. Which state government has decided to purchase multi-feed oxygen manifold developed by Indian Navy, Visakhapatnam to cater to the need of oxygen supply to COVID-19 patients?
a. Bihar
b. Jharkhand
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Punjab

Answer: c. Andhra Pradesh
portable multi-feed oxygen manifold equipment was designed by Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam using a six-way header and single cylinder. This means that a single oxygen cylinder can be used to supply oxygen to six patients. 

2. Recently, which organization has designed state-of-the-art masks, sanitizers and ‘bio suits’ in view of the growing threat of Corona virus in the country?
d. United Nations

Answer: a. Among the
four products that DRDO has designed, DRDO are hand sanitizer, critical care ventilator, N99 mask and bodysuit. DRDO has prepared a special ‘Bio Suite’ for doctors and health workers engaged in the treatment of corona infections. This suit will protect health workers and doctors from infection. According to officials, this ‘bio suit’ will work as a personal protective device (PPE). Considering the increasing need in the country, preparations are being made to make about 15 thousand suits daily.

3. According to the order of the Central Government, how much amount of money will be given every month for three months in the Jan Dhan account of women?
a. 1000 rupees
b. 1500 rupees
c. 750 rupees
d. 500 rupees

Answer: d. 500 rupees
After announcing the lockdown in the country, the government will add 500 rupees every month to the Jan Dhan account of poor women. The amount of this help will be given to the government for three months. The government has opened savings accounts on zero balance under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. This amount will be provided in these accounts only. This amount will be given under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana.

4. Which organization has allowed the release of emergency fund of 14,448 crores to help 25 countries in dealing with corona virus?
a. Asian Development Bank
b. World Bank
c. United Nations
d. World Health Organization

Answer: .b. The World Bank The 
World Bank has permitted the issuance of an emergency fund of Rs 14,448 crore to help 25 countries in dealing with the corona virus. Out of this, India will get Rs 7,600 crore to be used for ‘better screening, contact tracing, laboratory investigation; Will be in buying personal protective equipment and building new isolation wards. As a bank, it will cost 12,166 billion rupees in 15 months.

5. Joe Biden, who was leading the Democratic Party’s candidacy in the US presidential election, said that which country facing the Corona virus crisis should be given relief from sanctions?
a. India
b. Nepal
c. China 
d. Iran

Answer: d. Iran
Biden said that the US should create a dedicated medium for banks and companies operating in Iran and license to those selling medicines and medical equipment. The former vice president of the US has also asked to assure that aid groups will not be punished for working in Iran. The day before, Bernie Sanders, who has a leftist leaning and was in the race for Democratic candidacy for the presidential election, also demanded the end of the US embargo from Iran.