1.Haryana government made wrestler Babita Phogat and deputy director in sports department?
a. Poem broker
b. Vinesh Phogat
c. Sakshi Malik
d. None of these

ANSWER: a. Kavita Dalal
Haryana Government has appointed wrestlers Babita Phogat and Kavita Devi as Deputy Directors in the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs. Both these wrestlers had applied to the state government for this post. He has been appointed to the post of Deputy Director (Sports) under Haryana Excellence Players (Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2018. As per orders, both have to join the department within a month. International wrestler Babita Phogat is the daughter of famous wrestling coach Mahavir Phogat. She is the 2014 Commonwealth Games gold medalist.

2.Nasa has recently launched which mission to study on Mars?
a. Artemis-
1b. Jupiter 2020
c. Marsh 2020
d. None of these

ANSWER: c. Marsh in 2020
in order to analyze the investigation by bringing evidence of ancient life on the first earth rock Tue planet NASA has launched by far the largest and complex Rover. Under this long-lasting ambitious project, a car-shaped rover has been built which is equipped with camera, microphone, drill and laser. In recent times, America has become the third country after China and United Arab Emirates (UAE) to have launched its satellite to Mars. All three satellites will reach Mars in February and conduct their experiments.

3.World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is observed on which of the following days?
a. 15 January
b. 25 March
c. 30 July
d. 10 April

ANSWER: c. July 30
is celebrated as World Day Against Human Trafficking to create awareness against human trafficking and to protect the rights of victims. The theme of the World Day Against Human Trafficking is ‘Committed to the Cause: Working on the Frontline to End Human Trafficking’ by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) this year. About 1 third of victims of human trafficking are children. According to the International Labor Organization, around 21 million people worldwide are victims of bonded labor.

4.Which Indian-origin politician has recently been named the Leader of the Opposition for the first time in the history of Singapore?
a. Mohan Lal
b. Pritam Singh
c. Rahul Tyagi
d. Vikram Sachdeva

ANSWER: b. Pritam Singh
Pritam Singh’s Workers’ Party won 10 parliamentary seats out of a total of 93 seats in the general election held on July 10, making his party the largest opposition party in Singapore’s Parliament. It is noteworthy that the leader of the opposition has never been formally nominated in Singapore’s history, thus beginning a new chapter in Singapore’s parliamentary system with Pritam Singh.

5.Recently the United Nations chief has nominated which young Indian worker for the new advisory group?
a. Archana Soreng
b. Mohani Singh
c. Anita Tyagi
d. Komal Sachdeva

ANSWER: a. Archana Soreng
India’s climate activist, Archana Soreng of Odisha has been nominated by UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarares to join his new advisory group. Archana Soreng will join six other young climate leaders of the world who have been nominated by Gutarais for the Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change. Archana Soreng is experienced in advocacy and research and is working to strengthen, preserve and promote traditional knowledge and cultural practice of ethnic communities.