1.Which of the following is the first state in the country to get L-Root server?
a. Bihar
b. Punjab
c. Assam
d. Rajasthan

Answer: d

2.World Heritage Day is celebrated on which of the following days?

a. 10 March
b. 12 April
c. 18 April
d. November 20

Answer: c

3.How many cities of the country are being developed under the Smart Cities Mission?

a. 100
b. 140
c. 180
d. 120

Answer: a

4.Which missile was successfully test fired by the Indian Air Force on 19 April 2022 from a Sukhoi fighter aircraft?

a. Nag missile
b. BrahMos missile
c. Agni missile
d. Prithvi Missile

Answer: b

5.Who among the following has been appointed as the acting Secretary and Defense Advisor to US Vice President Kamala Harris?

a. Komal Agnihotri
b. Sonam Sachdeva
c. Shanti Sethi
d. Kamala Tripathi

Answer: c