1. Recently which state government has announced to give GI tag to clay toys?
a. Bihar
b. Punjab
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Jharkhand

Answer (c) Tamil
Nadu Government of Tamil Nadu has announced GI tag for clay toys. Geographical Indication Tag (GI tag) is a province which is found on the finished product based on its uniqueness. GI tag or geographical indication is a type of seal that is provided for any product.

2. Which former Governor of Jammu Kashmir has died recently?

a. Jagmohan
b. Girish Chandra Saxena
c. Satyapal Malik
d. Narinder Nath Vohra

Answer (a) Jagmohan 
Former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Jagmohan passed away on 03 May 2021. He was 94 years old. He breathed his last in Delhi. Apart from becoming the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, he was also a Union Minister in the BJP government. He held the post of Governor of Jammu and Kashmir twice.

3. Who has taken over as the new Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
a. Casey Chakraborty
b. T. Ravi Shankar
c. Urjit Patel
d. Raghuram Rajan

Answer (b) T. Ravi Shankar
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said that T. Ravi Shankar took over as the new deputy governor of RBI. His term will be 3 years. Ravi Shankar was earlier the Executive Director of RBI. The three other deputy governors are Michael D. Patra, Mukesh Kumar Jain and Rajeshwar Rao.

4. Recently who has won 97th of his career by winning Portuguese Grand Prix?
a. Daniel Ricardo
b. Sebastian Vetel
c. Lewis Hamilton
d. Fernando Alonso

Answer (c) Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton has registered his 97th victory of his career by winning the Portuguese Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is the British driver of Formula One racing, currently racing for the McLaren Mercedes team, and the youngest world champion of Formula One to date.

5. International Firefighters’ Day is observed on which of the following days?
a. 10 January
b. 12 March
c. 15 November
d. 4 May

Answer (d) 4 May
Every year on 4 May, International Firefighters’ Day means International Fire Day. On this day sacrifices of firefighters are marked and honored. People and environment remain safe due to their sacrifice and bravery. Fire Day is celebrated as a sacrifice of firefighters in the disaster.