1.Which state government has recently decided to ban online games like rummy and poker?
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Karnataka
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Bihar

ANSWER: a. Andhra Pradesh
Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to ban online games like rummy and poker which are pushing the youth on the wrong path. According to the cabinet decision, the organizers of online gambling will have to go to jail for a year, in addition to the crime for the first time. The second offense will be punishable with imprisonment for two years. Information Minister Perni Venkataramaiah (Nani) said that those caught playing online games will face a jail term of six months.

2.Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Indian Railway Board?
a. Rahul Sachdeva
b. Anil Tyagi
c. Vinod Kumar Yadav
d. Anil Yadav

ANSWER: c. Vinod Kumar Yadav
Cabinet Appointment Affairs Committee has approved the appointment of the current chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav as CEO (Chief Executive Officer). This is the first time in the history of Railways when the post of CEO has been created. Vinod Kumar Yadav will take over as Chairman and CEO. Earlier, the Cabinet approved the reorganization of the Railway Board. This step has been taken under large-scale reforms in the railways.

3.’Indra maneuvers’ are being organized between India and which country?
a. Russia
b. Japan
c. Nepal
d. Bangladesh

ANSWER: a. Russia
‘s maneuvers are being carried out in view of the current security challenges. During this exercise, targets will be targeted with cannons in the surface and air. The Indian Navy has already deployed several warships in the Indian Ocean. It is named Indra maneuvers. Indra maneuvers have been taking place between the armies of India and Russia since the year 2005. Indra is conducting jointly the practice of the three forces once in two years since 2017.

4.Russia will continue the policy of No Arms Supply with which of the following countries?
a. India
b. Japan
c. China
d. Pakistan

ANSWER: d. Pakistan
Russia will continue the policy of No Arms Supply with Pakistan. That is, no major weapons will be supplied to Pakistan. Russia is the largest arms supplier to India. This includes submarines powered by nuclear power. Rajnath Singh also informed the Russian Defense Minister about the Make in India program in the defense sector in the context of self-reliant India. Both sides also welcomed the final stage discussion on the establishment of India-Russia joint venture in India for the production of AK-203 rifle.

5.Which country’s government has banned the printing of calendar, diary and festival greeting cards?
a. Nepal
b. Bangladesh
c. India
d. Bhutan

ANSWER: c. The
Government of India has banned printing materials such as diaries, calendars and festival greeting cards. This order was passed by the Ministry of Finance. The ministry has asked government organs to adopt digital means to publish such content. This work is being done to reduce the cost of Government of India in printing activities and encourage the adoption of digital devices.