1. The energy generated during a nuclear fission reaction is used for?

 a.In making fuel

 b.In making electricity

 c.To generate heat

 d.None of these

 (Ans – B)

 2.BRICS Nations have recently opposed the Carbon border tax, proposed by which association?





 (Ans – A)

 3.In Ajit’s opinion, his weight is greater than 65 kg but less than 72 Kg. his brother does not agree with Ajit and he thinks that Ajit’s weight is greater than 60 Kg but less than 70 Kg. His mother’s view is that his weight cannot be greater than 68 kg. If all of them are correct in their estimation, what is the average of different probable weights of Ajit?

 a.68 Kg

 b.70 Kg

 c.66.5 Kg

 d.63.5 Kg

 (Ans – D)

 4.Choose the odd word from the following words?


 b.The biology



 (Ans – A)

 5.Which is a synonym of tangible?





 (Ans – D)