Talent Hunt Answers 08/10/2018

  1. Which of the following states received the highest honor of the Clean Survey Rural Award-2012? 
    a. Jharkhand
    b. Haryana
    c. Madhya Pradesh
    d. Punjab

ANSWER:  b. Haryana
Description: Haryana has received the highest state award on October 2, 2018 under ‘Clean Survey Rural -2018’ for outstanding achievements in the field of cleanliness. .

  1. Which female officer of Indian origin was recently appointed Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund?
    a. Ankita Patel
    b. Glory Corporation
    c. Apoorva Shastri
    d. Geeta Gopinath

ANSWER: d. Geeta gopinath

Description: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has appointed Gita Singh as the chief economist of Indian origin. The Geeta is the second Indian to reach this position in the International Monetary Fund.


  1. Recently, the Nobel Prize in Physics of the year 2018 was announced, which of the following scientist is not included in this award? 
    a. O D. Jackson
    b. Arthur Ashkin
    c. Donna Strickland
    d. Gerard Mauro

ANSWER:  a. O D. Jackson
Description: Nobel Prize Committee announces the Nobel Prize in Physics, this time Nobel of Physics will be given to three people, including Arthur Ashkin and Gerard Mauro and Donna Strickland.

  1. For the year 2018, which two people have been selected for the Nobel Prize in Medicine? 
    a. James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo
    b. George Robert and Carl Sagan
    c. Edward Witton and McMimison
    d. Alexander Godard and Milton Grosberg

ANSWER: a. James P. Ellison and Houruku Hojo,
Description:James P. Ellison and Houruku Hojo are being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of cancer therapy.


  1. Through the National River Conservation Scheme (NRCP), which river water pollution scheme has been approved for Jammu and Kashmir?
    a. Anantnag
    b. Pulwama
    c. Udhampur
    d. Rajouri

ANSWER: c. Udhampur
Description: The river pollution termination plan has been approved for the Udhampur district of Jammu and Kashmir through the National River Conservation Scheme (NRCP).