1. Recently which diplomat has been appointed by the Government of India as its permanent representative in the United Nations?
a. TS Tirumurthy
b. Rahul Sachdeva
c. Nirmal Tyagi
d. Mohan Lal

ANSWER: a. TS Tirumurthy
Permanent Mission is the diplomatic mission in which each member state of the United Nations appoints its permanent representative to the United Nations. This permanent representative is also called the ‘Ambassador of the United Nations’. At present, eight Indians are appointed to the senior positions of Under Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General in the United Nations. He is a 1985 batch Indian Foreign Service officer. TS Tirumurthy has been appointed in place of Syed Akbaruddin. Currently, he is working as a secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs.

2. Recently, which awareness campaign has been called by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare through which awareness campaign for integrated soil nutrient management?
a. Mission Soil
b. Mission Nutrition
c. Mission Mode
d. Mission welfare

ANSWER: c. Mission Mode The
Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare has called for launching awareness campaign in mission mode for increasing use of bio and organic fertilizers and least use of chemical fertilizers. The guidelines issued for the mission will be determined based on the recommendations of the soil health card. During the year 2020-21, the main focus of this program will be on sensitizing farmers of more than 1 lakh villages covering all the districts of the country. 

3. According to the ‘Lost at Home’ report recently published by which organization, about 33 million people have been internally displaced in the year 2019?
a. International Labor Organization
b. United Nations Children’s Fund
c. Food and Agriculture Organization
d. world Bank

ANSWER: b. According to the
‘Lost at Home’ report published by the United Nations Children’s Fund, about 33 million people have been displaced internally in the year 2019. There were 12 million children displaced. Of these, about 3 million children were displaced due to conflict and violence while 2 million were seen due to natural disasters. According to the report, in the year 2019, more than 5 million people have been internally displaced due to natural disasters, conflict and violence in India. In the year 2019, India has had the largest displacement internally. India is followed by Philippines, Bangladesh and China respectively.

4. Recently American magazine Forbes has released Forbes India Billionaires List 2020. Who is first on this list?
a. Cyrus Poonawala
b. Gautam Adani
c. Sunil Mittal
d. Mukesh Ambani

ANSWER: .d. Mukesh Ambani has
retained the first position in this list with Reliance India Chairman Mukesh Ambani with assets of $ 36.8 billion and he is currently the richest person in India. Although Mukesh Ambani’s total wealth has decreased by $ 13.2 billion compared to the previous year, but still he remains in the first place. At the same time, despite the decline in the stock market, Indian businessman Radhakishan Damani has become the second richest person in India with assets of $ 13.8 billion.

5. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has extended the term of which actress as National Goodwill Ambassador by two years?
a. Dia Mirza
b. Shraddha Kapoor
c. Parineeti Chopra
d. Taapsee Pannu

The term of Bollywood actress-producer Dia Mirza, the goodwill ambassador of Dia Mirza United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), has been extended. Dia Mirza will now hold this position till the end of 2022. Dia Mirza is also the special envoy of the United Nations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal. He says that increasing the tenure is like getting an opportunity to work towards changing things for the environment.