1.The famous wrestler ‘The Great Khali’ has joined which of the following political party?

A.Bharatiya Janata Party

B.Indian National Congress

C.Bahujan Samaj Party

D.Aam Aadmi Party

ANSWER: a. Bharatiya Janata Party

2.The central government has recently banned the import of which thing from abroad?

A.foreign cloth

B.Exotic bicycle

C.Alien drones

D.Foreign guns

ANSWER: c. Foreign Drones

3.Which batting coach of IPL team Punjab Kings has resigned from his post?

A.Wasim Jaffer

B.Aakash Chopra

C.Kapil Dev

D.Anil Kumble

ANSWER: a. Wasim Jaffer

4.According to the latest report by TomTom, which of the following has been ranked first among the world’s most congested cities in the Traffic Index 2021?

A.Moscow (Russia)

B.Istanbul, Turkey)

C.Delhi (India)

D.Bangalore (India)

ANSWER: b. Istanbul (Turkey)

5.World Unani Day is celebrated on which of the following days?

A.January 10

B.12 April

C.July 15

D.February 11

ANSWER: d. 11 February