1.Vodafone and Idea company together have recently renamed the company?
a. FI (FI)
b. VI (vi)
c. DI (DI)
d. NI (NI)

ANSWER: b. VI (Vi)
Vodafone-Idea launched the new brand Vi (Vi). This new brand will have its eyes on future prospects and it has been designed with the objective of providing better service to consumers. The integration of the two brands Vodafone and Idea is by far the largest integration in the telecom sector in the world. Significantly, the Supreme Court has given Vodafone India Limited ten years to repay the arrears of Adjusted Gross Income (AGR).

2.World Literacy Day is observed on which of the following days?
a. 8 September
b. 12 August
c. 5 March
d. 10 January

ANSWER: a. 8 September
Literacy Day is celebrated all over the world on 8 September. The main purpose of celebrating this day is to promote giving priority to education in the society. The first World Literacy Day was celebrated on 8 September 1966. Many celebrations are organized around the world on World Literacy Day. On this day UNESCO offers International Literacy Awards at its headquarters in Paris.

3.Which of the following country has become the fourth country in the world to produce hypersonic technology demonstration vehicle (HSTDV)?
a. China
b. Russia
c. India
d. Japan

ANSWER: c. India
India conducted a successful experimental flight test of the indigenously developed ‘Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle’ (HSTDV). This is expected to strengthen the long-range missile system and air defense system in the future. HSTDV has been developed by Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) which is based on hypersonic propulsion technology. India has become the fourth country in the world to have the technology to develop the next generation of hypersonic cruise missiles. Till now, this technology was only with the US, Russia and China.

4.The father of which Indian radio astronomy died in Pune, Maharashtra?
a. Dr. Govind Swaroop
b. Dr. Rahul Sachdeva
c. Dr. Anil Tyagi
d. Dr. Anupam Swaroop

ANSWER: a. Dr. Govind Swaroop Dr. Govind Swaroop
, the father of India’s radio astronomy, died in Pune, Maharashtra. He was 91 years old. Dr. Govind Swarup is also known for his outstanding achievements in building simple, innovative and powerful observational facilities for front-line research in radio astronomy. The giant Metruwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) was established in Narayan village near Pune under the guidance of Dr. Swaroop. He received the Padma Shri, Dr. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award, H.K. Was honored with the Firodia Award and several international awards.

5.Who among the following is the winner of Italian Grand Prix 2020?
a. Walteri Bottas
b. Lewis Hamilton
c. Pierre Gasli
d. Max Verstappen

ANSWER: c. Pierre Gasli
Pierre Gasli (Scaderia Alphatauri, France) has won the Formula One Italian Grand Prix 2020 held at Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy. This is his first Grand Prix win. In this race Carlos Sainz Jr. (McLaren, Spain) finished second while Lance Stroke (Racing Point, Canada) finished third.