1.The Union Government has made it mandatory to put a color strip on all vehicles of BS-VI category?
a. Red
b. Blue
c. Green
d. rose

ANSWER: c. The green

2.How recently did India rank among 180 countries in the ‘Environmental Performance Index’ released biennially by ‘Yale University’?
a. 168
b. 175
c. 140
d. 120

ANSWER: a. The 168

3.Recently who has been appointed the new Ambassador of India to Switzerland?
a. Monica Kapil Mohta
b. Monica Sethi
c. Komal Sachdeva
d. Sheetal Aggarwal

ANSWER: a. Monica Kapil Mohta

4.World Food Safety Day is observed on which of the following days?
a. 15 May
b. 20 June
c. 25 July
d. 7 June

ANSWER: d. 7 June

5.Recently which state government started the first online waste exchange program?
a. Bihar
b. Punjab
c. Andhra Pradesh
d. Uttar Pradesh

ANSWER: c. Andhra Pradesh