1. According to the operating agency Fitch, what is the estimated GDP growth of India in FY 2021-2022?
    a. 9.5 percent
    b. 6.5 percent
    c. 7.2 percent
    d. 3.2 percent

According to 9.5 percent Fitch ratings, India’s GDP may decline by 5 percent in 2020-21, but it is estimated to grow by 9.5 percent in the next financial year. Fitch Ratings has forecast an improvement in the Indian economy in FY 2022. The agency recently said that the Indian economy will return rapidly after the fall due to Corona virus epidemic in the current financial year. However, the agency has said that there is a need to improve the weak financial sector and labor market.

2.The number of Asiatic lions found in the forests of Gir in Gujarat has increased by comparison to 2015?
a. 720
b. 625
c. 674
d. 900

ANSWER: c. 674
The number of these lions found in the Gir forest area of ​​Gujarat has increased and now their number has increased to 674 in the state. According to the recently released data from the Forest Department, ‘161 males, 260 females, 45 minor males in Gir forest spread in the districts of Somnath, Amreli, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Junagadh, Porbandar, Jamnagar, Botad, Morbi and Surendranagar in Saurashtra. And 49 minor female lions were found. There are also 137 cubs in the forest. Apart from these, there are 22 such lions, which could not be accurately assessed.

3.Which state government has recently banned online class for children up to class five?
a. Karnataka
b. Delhi
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Uttar Pradesh

ANSWER: a. Karnataka
Karnataka government has banned online class for children up to class five. It has also said that strict action will be taken against the schools that charge extra fees in the name of online classes. There is also a ban on increasing fees for the 2020-21 academic year. This decision was taken by the Department of Primary and Secondary Education after complaints from many parents.

4.The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has withdrawn the charges of doping against which Indian weightlifter?
a. Meerabai Chanu
b. Poonam Yadav
c. Sanjita Chanu
d. Rakhi Haldar

ANSWER: c. The Sanjita Chanu
International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) dismissed allegations of doping against Indian weightlifter Sanjita Chanu for lack of uniformity in her samples. After this the Commonwealth Games gold medalist has demanded an apology and compensation. The decision was taken by the IWF based on the recommendations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

5.How many crore rupees have been allocated to the states in the current financial year by the Central Government under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Irrigation Scheme under the head ‘Per drop more crop’ (yield more than every drop)?
a. 4,000 crores
b. 3,000 crores
c. 2,000 crores
d. 1,000 crores

Under the Rs 4,000 crore irrigation scheme, the responsibility of implementation of ‘ Per drop more crop’ has been given to the Department of Agriculture Co-operation and Farmers Welfare. Its goal is to enable farmers to irrigate more fields in less water through various irrigation techniques through drip and spraying. These techniques of minor irrigation (micro irrigation) not only save water, but also reduce fertilizer and labor. This technique is also helpful in cutting other costs.