Talent Hunt Answers 15/05/2018



  1. The Space Applications Centre (SAC) has developed an indigenous atomic clock for navigation satellites. Where is the headquarters of SAC, which works under the aegis of ISRO?

[A] Bangaluru

[B] Kolkata

[C] New Delhi

[D] Ahmedabad

Correct Answer: D [Ahmedabad]


  1. India and Guatemala has recently agreed to support each other for Non-permanent membership of UNSC. Guatemala will support India’s candidature for which year?

[A] 2022-23

[B] 2023-24

[C] 2021-22

[D] 2020-21

Correct Answer: C [2021-22]


  1. What is the theme of 2018 World Red Cross Red Crescent Day (WRCRCD)?

[A] Everywhere for everyone

[B] Memorable smiles from around the world

[C] Get Together for the purpose of Humanity

[D] Less Known Red Cross Stories

Correct Answer: B [Memorable smiles from around the world]


  1. Who has been appointed the new Cabinet Secretary of India?

[A] Pradeep Kumar Sinha

[B] Ajit Seth

[C] Hasmukh Adhia

[D] K. M. Chandrasekhar

Correct Answer: A [Pradeep Kumar Sinha]


  1. The 2018 International Firefighters’ Day (IFFD) is observed on which date?

[A] May 6

[B] May 4

[C] May 7

[D] May 8

Correct Answer: B [May 4]