Talent Hunt Answers 16/11/2018

  1. The Union HRD ministry has launched the LEAP initiative for higher education faculty. What does ‘LEAP’ stands for?
[A] Legitimate for Academicians

[B] Lasting for Academicians Programme

[C] Leadership for Academicians Programme

[D] Legible for Academicians Programme

ANSWER: C [Leadership for Academicians Programme]

Notes: Dr. Satya Pal Singh, Minister of State, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, launched Leadership for Academicians Programme (LEAP) and Annual Refresher Programme In Teaching (ARPIT) for higher education faculty in New Delhi on November13ARPIT is a unique initiative of online professional development of 15 lakh higher education faculty using the MOOCs platform SWAYAM. For implementingARPIT, 75 discipline-specific institutions have been identified and notified as National Resource Centres (NRCs) in the first phase. LEAP is a 3 weeks flagship leadership development training programme for second level academic functionaries in public-funded higher education institutions. The main purpose of LEAP is to prepare the second tier academic heads who are potentially likely to assume leadership roles in the future


  1. Which India’s restoration project has won the 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific award for conservation in Award of Distinction category?
[A] Ruttonsee Muljee Jetha Fountain

[B] Rajabai Clock Tower

[C] Agra Fort

[D] LAMO center


Notes: The restoration of an aristocratic house from a state of partial ruin in Ladakh undertaken by the LAMO center has won the 2018UNESCO Asia-Pacific award for conservation in the category of Award of Distinction. The LAMO (Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation) Center in Jammu and and Kashmir’s Ladakh region was chosen for its systematic restoration project that used salvaged and local building materials, and indigenous construction techniques while adroitly introducing modern amenities to assure its ongoing use. Apart from this, the 2018 Award of Excellence has been won by the renewal of the early 20th-century Shijo-cho Ofune-hoko Float Machiya of Kyoto, Japan. Beside this, from Mumbai, the restoration projects of the iconic Rajabai Clock Tower of Mumbai University & Ruttonsee Muljee Jetha Fountain, both belonging to the colonial-era have received Honourable Mention.


  1. The first-ever bilateral naval exercise ‘Samudra Shakti 2018’ has started between India and which country?
[A] Indonesia

[B] Seychelles

[C] Vanuat

[D] Philippines

ANSWER: A [Indonesia]

Notes: The first-ever bilateral naval exercise ‘Samudra Shakti 2018’ has started between Indian & Indonesian Navy at the port of Surabay in Indonesia from November 12 to 18. The aim of the exercise is to strengthen bilateral relations, expand maritime co-operation, enhance interoperability and exchange best practices. From Indian side, INS Rana of the Eastern Fleet based at Visakhapatnam under the Eastern Naval Command is participating in the exercise.


  1. Which social initiative has been launched by Twitter India to boost youth engagement for 2019 General Elections?
[A] #PowerOf18

[B] #PowerOfVoters

[C] #PowerOf19

[D] #PowerOfElection

ANSWER: A [#PowerOf18]

 Notes: Twitter India has recently launched a new social initiative #PowerOf18, which aims to encourage youth to contribute in public debates and participate in civic engagement for the 2019 general elections. The #PowerOf18 will serve as a resource for young Indians to find more information about the elections, support social causes they are passionate about and join the public conversation. The initiative was launched by CEO Jack Dorsey and Maya Hari, Vice-President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Twitter during a townhall chat with the students of IIT Delhi.


  1. Stan Lee, who passed away recently, was the legendary comic book writer of which country?
[A] South Africa

[B] United States

[C] France

[D] Canada

ANSWER: B [United States ]

Notes: Stan Lee (95), the legendary comic book writer and former chief of Marvel Comics, has passed away in Los Angeles, United States. Lee created the Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics in 1961 and went on to create titles like Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk. In collaboration with several artists—particularly Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko—he co-created fictional characters including Spider-Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange,  the Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Black Panther, the X-Men, and—with his brother, co-writer Larry Lieber—the characters Ant-Man, Iron Man, and Thor.