1.Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has launched which scheme with the objective of ensuring empowerment of girls?
a. Women Development Scheme
b. Virgo growth scheme
c. Virgo Sumangal Scheme
d. Wake up plan

Answer: c. Kanya Sumangal Yojana

2.By what name will the joint military exercise be started between India and France on 31 October?
a. Defense-2019
b. Shakti-2019
c. Might-2019
d. Vaibhav-2019

Answer: b. Shakti-2019

3.Which of the following countries has expressed interest in purchasing BrahMos missile from India?
a. Taiwan
b. Indonesia
c. Malaysia
d. Philippines

Answer: d. Philippines

4.How many immigration counters has Pakistan made for the convenience of devotees who reach the other side of the border using the Kartarpur corridor?
a. 80
b. 70
c. 60
d. 50

Answer: a. 80

5.Recently which country’s President Sebastin Pinyera has suspended the entire cabinet?
a. Mexico
b. Spain
c. Chile
d. Venezuela

Answer: c. Chile