1.ICMR stated in a journal that it has detected corona viruses in two species of bats (Teropus and Roussetus) in which country?
a. Nepal
b. Japan
c. India
d. Pakistan

Amidst the worldwide panic over the India Corona virus, Indian researchers have said that two species of bats present in Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu have got symptoms of different types of corona virus. According to this study, it is believed that bats naturally contain many viruses, some of which are feared to make humans ill. The Nipah virus was first found in the Teropus species of bats in India. There is a suspicion that the Kovid-19, which was recently exposed, is also related to bats. This study of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has been published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research.

2. How many May the French President Emmanuel Macron announced to extend the lockdown of Kovid-19?
a. 11 May
b. 20 May
c. 25 May
d. 30 May

ANSWER: a. 11 May
French President Emmanuel Macron has announced an extension to the lockdown of Kovid-19 by 11 May. The President of France said that schools and shops will start reopening from May 11, but restaurants, hotels, cafes and cinemas will remain closed for a long time and flights from non-European countries will be banned. With this, no public event in France will take place before mid-July. He said that a new phase will begin on 11 May. It will be progressive and the rules can be adapted according to our results.

3. American President Donald Trump has announced to withhold US funds up to $ 500 million annually to which organization?
a. World Trade Organization
b. World Health Organization
c. International Monetary Fund
d. United Nations

On April 14, 2020, World Health Organization President Donald Trump announced a moratorium on WHO funding and accused him of making a serious mistake in management and concealing information to reduce the spread of the deadly corona virus. President Trump said that Dubujan HO has hindered the epidemic and transparency towards America. America is the country with the highest funding for W HO. The United States funded $ 400 million last year. President Trump said that the US pays between 40 million and 500 million dollars to the WHO every year, while China contributes about 40 million dollars or less in a year.

4. World Chagas Disease Day is observed on which of the following days?
a. 14 March
b. 14 April
c. 20 May
d. 10 April

The purpose of celebrating this day on 14 April is to share information about prevention and control of this disease among the victims and healthy people. Chagas is named after Dr. Carlos Justiniano Ribeiro Chagas. Another name for Chagas disease is American trypanosomiasis. Symptoms of this disease are swelling and fever, fever may be prolonged. 

5. Which former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India was appointed as external advisor to the head of the IMF?
a. Urjit Patel
b. Bimal Jalan
c. C. Rangarajan
d. Raghuram Rajan

ANSWER: d. Raghuram Rajan
, former governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Raghuram Rajan has been made a member of the external advisory group of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Kristalina Georgieva amid fears of a slowdown in the global economy battered by the Corona virus epidemic. These advisors will give their opinion to the IMF chief on the changes and policy issues taking place around the world, including the steps being taken due to the crisis caused by the corona virus epidemic. Raghuram Rajan has been the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India for three years till September 2016. He is currently a professor at the University of Chicago.