1. Which of the following has recently been chosen as Prime Minister of Australia? 
    a Bill Shorten
    b. Scott Morrison
    c. Johnsendberg
    d. Peter Herald
    ANSWER: b. Scott Morrison 
    Description: In
    Australia, the results of the general elections began to appear on May 19, 2019. The ruling coalition, headed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, proved to be wrong in retrospecting the exit polls (poll after election). Following the ruling coalition’s victory, opposition Labor Party leader Bill Shortton was forced to resign.
  2. Which country recently amended the Constitution and allowed Sikhs to take Saber in religious and cultural programs? 
    a Canada
    b France
    c. Germany
    d. England

ANSWER: d. England 
: Royal permission has also been granted on this bill. The purpose of this bill is to maintain peace and harmony in the country. Keeping the right to keep the sovereign of the Sikh community safeguarded last year, the law was amended. In this law, police has been given the additional authority to seize deadly weapons.

3.Which state recently announced the implementation of the Ujala Clinic program with improvement? 
a Uttar Pradesh
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Rajasthan
d. Jharkhand

ANSWER: c. Rajasthan 
Description: The
 Rajasthan government has decided to implement the National Kishore Health Center, Ujala Clinic (Teen Friendly Health Clinic) in its districts with improvement. The Rajasthan government has entered into an agreement with the United Nations Population Fund to implement this scheme. Under this scheme, awareness and treatment will be provided on the problems of adolescence.

4. During the Kiss Mountaineering campaign, Nayak Narayan Singh, member of the Indian Army’s team died? 
a Mount McKloo
b. Mount Kailash
c. 2
d of mount Everest Campaign

ANSWER: a. Mount McCullo 
The Indian Army’s 18-member Mountaineering Expeditionary Team successfully won the victory on Mount Mackulu on May 16, 2019. During mountaineering campaign, he died after climbing down in the snow after climbing the world’s fifth highest peak Mccalu peak (8485 m) in Nepal. Mount McCallu is considered to be the most dangerous and challenging from the approach of mountaineering.

  1. Which of the following in the US was recently awarded the JFK Bravery Award? 
    a Nancy Pelosi
    b. Barack Obama
    c. John Browne
    d. Donald Trump

ANSWER: a. Nancy Pelosii 
 This award was given to the speaker Pelosi of the House of Representatives for keeping the nation’s interest above the party interest and making a decision. This is an annual prize which is being given from 1989. Nancy Pelosi is an American politician who has been serving as President of the United States Assembly since January 2019.