1.Recently which country has successfully test-fired the nuclear capable missile Sarmat Intercontinental Ballistic Missile?
a. Russia
b. China
c. Ukraine
d. Japan

ANSWER: a. Russia

2.National Civil Services Day is celebrated on which of the following days?
a. 10 January
b. 12 August
c. 21 April
d. May 20

ANSWER: c. 21 April 

 3.Which West Indies star cricketer has announced his retirement from international cricket?
a. Fabian Allen
b. Kieran Pollard
c. Nicholas Pooran
d. romario shepherd

ANSWER: b. Kieron Pollard

4.Physicist Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood has been appointed as the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Central Government for how many years?
a. 4 years
b. 2 years
c. 5 years
d. 3 years

ANSWER: d. 3 years

5.Wimbledon has banned the players of Russia and which country from participating in the 2022 edition?
a. China
b. Japan
c. Belarus
d. Pakistan

ANSWER: c. Belarus