1.The central government has decided to exclude businesses with turnover up to how many lakh rupees per annum, giving a big relief in GST?
a. Rs 40 lakhs
b. 50 lakh rupees
c. 20 lakh rupees
d. 30 lakh rupees

ANSWER: a. 40 lakh
by big relief to the government in the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to businesses with a turnover of Rs 40 lakh has decided to exclude from its scope. Earlier, the exemption limit from GST was Rs 20 lakhs per annum. Apart from this, companies with annual turnover up to Rs 1.5 crore can take advantage of composition scheme and they have to pay only 1% tax.

2.Indian judo player Dipanshu Balayan has been suspended by NADA’s Anti-Doping Discipline Panel (ADDP) for how many months due to consumption of banned substance furosemide?
a. 12 months
b. 22 months
c. 15 months
d. 10 months

ANSWER: b. 22 months
Indian judo player Dipanshu Balayan has been suspended by the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) Anti-Doping Discipline Panel (ADDP) for 22 months due to consumption of banned substance furosemide. Furosemide is a diuretic drug. Last year, for the selection of the national team of the Junior Asian Judo Championship, a sample of the balloon was taken during the trial in Bhopal in June, which came positive for the banned substance. He won the trial in the 90 kg category.

3.The Central Government is preparing to reduce the trans fat in food items from five percent to which of the following percentages?
a. Three percent
b. One percent
c. Two percent
d. Four percent

ANSWER: c. Two percent
by reducing the amount of the Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) trans fats in food by 2022 will soon be a regulation to be limited to two per cent. Currently, the FSSAI’s limit of trans-fat content in fats and oils is five percent. After this, the notification to increase the trans-fat limit to three percent by the year 2021 and to two percent by the year 2022 is still under process.

4.In which of the following countries, 3800 years old idol of Kirat Devi has been found 300 meters down during excavation?
a. Bangladesh
b. China
c. Russia
d. Nepal

ANSWER: .d. Nepal
Archaeologists and people who save the heritage are encouraged by the discovery of statues of Kirat Devi, about 3800 years old in Dhulikhel, Nepal. These idols were found about 300 meters below the ground. It is being told that this statue is one of the oldest statues in Nepal.

5.Which state has got the first place in the ranking based on export facilities from the center?
a. Gujarat
b. Bihar
c. Jharkhand
d. Rajasthan

According to the report released by the Gujarat Niti Aayog, the Commission’s ‘Export Readiness Index’ tops Gujarat in 2020, while Maharashtra ranks second and Tamil Nadu ranks third. According to the report, in the top 10 places, eight coastal states have managed to make six places. This index shows how many facilities are available in which state to boost exports. Among the landlocked states, Rajasthan has performed the best, followed by Telangana and Haryana.