1. Which state ranks first in NITI Aayog’s Export Readiness Index 2021?
    a. Bihar
    b. Jharkhand
    c. Punjab
    d. Gujarat

ANSWER: d. Gujarat


  1. The Ministry of Environment has announced every year 05 October as which of the following day?
    a. National Dolphin Day
    b. National Girl Child Day
    c. National Hindi Day
    d. national safety day

ANSWER: a. National Dolphin Day


  1. Maruti Suzuki India has announced who among the following has been appointed as the new CEO and MD of the company with effect from April 01?
    a. Soichiro Honda
    b. Hisashi Takechi
    c. Yusaku Maezawa
    d. Shigeru Miyamoto

ANSWER: b. Hisashi Takechi


  1. At what percent India’s growth rate has been projected by the United Nations for the financial year 2021-2022?
    a. 3.6 percent
    b. 5.6 percent
    c. 4.6 percent
    d. 6.9 percent

ANSWER: c. 4.6 percent


  1. Which country’s first female foreign minister Madeleine Albright has passed away at the age of 84?
    a. America
    b. Japan
    c. China
    d. Russia

ANSWER: a. America