1.The Yelagiri summer festival has started in which state?

[A] Tamil Nadu

[B] Kerala

[C] Karnataka

[D] West Bengal

Correct Answer: A [Tamil Nadu]


  1. India’s first multi-modal electric vehicle project has launched in which city?
[A] New Delhi

[B] Kolkata

[C] Chennai

[D] Nagpur

Correct Answer: D [Nagpur]


  1. Which city police have won the 2017 Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) Smart Policing Award?
[A] Kochi city police

[B] Pune city police

[C] Bhopal city police

[D] Delhi city police

Correct Answer: B [Pune city police]


  1. The book “Mann Ki Baat: a social revolution on radio” has been authored by whom?
[A] Jitendra Singh

[B] Uday Mahurkar

[C] Pankaj Kumar

[D] Rajesh Jain

Correct Answer: D [Rajesh Jain]


  1. The Indo Thailand HADR “Siam Bharat 17” has held in which city?
[A] Bangkok

[B] Surat Thani

[C] Chiang Mai

[D] Pai

Correct Answer: C [Chiang Mai]