1. To speed up the development of food processing (food processing) sector, Palakkad district of which state recently launched the state’s first and twentieth mega food park in the country?
    a. Kerala
    b. Punjab
    c. Bihar
    d. Jharkhand

Answer a. Kerala
Union Food Processing Industries, Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan launched it. This mega food park will prove to be a milestone in the development of the food processing sector in Kerala. There will be an additional investment of Rs 250 crore in 25-30 food processing units and ultimately a turnover of Rs 450-500 crore in a year. This park will provide direct and indirect employment to 5,000 persons and will benefit more than 25,000 farmers. This will increase exports of fruits and vegetables and other value added products.

  1. Which country is sending robot ‘asteroid mining robot’ space for the mining of asteroid?
    a. Nepal
    b. China
    c. Russia
    d. India

Answer b. China
is sending robot to the ‘asteroid mining robot’ space for mining of China asteroid. This robot would like to be shipped by the end of this year. China is eyeing the mining of valuable mineral resources on Asteroids. Origin Space will be launched in November with the Long March rocket. This will test the technology required to land and mine on the asteroid.

3.In which country will India start the operation of Sivte Port in the first quarter of next year?
a. China
b. Myanmar
c. Bangladesh
d. Bhutan

Answer b. Myanmar
India will start operating the port of Sivte in Myanmar in the first quarter of next year. This will be the second port in any other country to be operated by India. The first is Iran’s Chabahar. The importance of the Sivete Port is so high that it will reduce the dependence on the Sikkim-Bengal corridor to supply goods to the northeastern states. Its second importance is that despite China’s influence, India was successful in building a separate diplomatic and strategic relationship with Myanmar.

  1. India will build a 100-bed cancer hospital and 22 thousand seater cricket stadium in Hulhumale, which country?
    a. Nepal
    b. Pakistan
    c. Maldives
    d. Japan

Answer c. Maldives
India will build a 100-bed cancer hospital and 22 thousand seater cricket stadium in Hulhumale, Maldives. Mohammed Jaish Ibrahim, the chairman of the Housing Development Corporation Limited of Maldives, had met the Indian High Commissioner Sanjay Sudhir regarding the development of Hulhumale and informed about the works to be done here. This construction will be done with the help of $ 800 million line of credit given by India to Maldives last year.

  1. Bengal Peerless Housing Development Company Limited has recently appointed its brand ambassador?
    a. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
    b. Rahul Dravid
    c. Sachin Tendulkar
    d. Sourav Ganguly

Answer d. Sourav Ganguly
Kolkata-based real estate developer, Bengal Peerless Housing Development Company Limited, has appointed Sourav Ganguly, former national cricket team captain and current chairman of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), as brand ambassador. He will lead the campaign for Bengal Peerless Residential Project Avidipta II. The Bengal Peerless Housing Development Company Limited was established in the year 1994 with the West Bengal Housing Board and The Peerless General Finance and Investment Company Limited.