1. Recently the indigenous missile version of which indigenous missile was successfully tested by DRDO?
    a. Nag
    b. Earth
    c. BrahMos
    d. Agni

ANSWER: c. The
ground version of the BrahMos missile was successfully tested by BrahMos DRDO. This test was done at the Integrated Test Range in Chandipur, Odisha. This missile was fired at a full strike range of 290 km. BrahMos is a medium range supersonic cruise missile, it can be launched from submarine, seaplane, fighter aircraft and land.


  1. When is International Day of Older Persons celebrated?
    a. 1 October
    b. 2 October
    c. 3 October
    d. 4 October

ANSWER: a. October 1
to October 1 each year, according to the United Nations Declaration of the International Day of Older Persons is celebrated. International Veterans Day was first observed on October 1, 1991. The theme of the International Older People’s Day of 2019 is “Celebrating Older Human Rights Champions.” On this day, issues of the elderly and their health are discussed.


  1. On which of the following days is International Translation Day celebrated?
    a. 28 September
    b. 29 September
    c. 30 September
    d. 01 October

ANSWER: c. 30 September
International Translation Day is celebrated by the United Nations on 30 September every year. The purpose of this day is to convey the important messages of the world to all the people through translation. The United Nations believes that the role of translation is very important because it contributes significantly to world peace and development.


  1. Which female player has won the fourth gold medal in the 100m race at the World Championship?
    a. Alyssa Markwen
    b. Julia Naom
    c. Christina dallas
    d. Fraser-Price

ANSWER: d. Fraser-Price
Jamaica’s Farrata runner Fraser-Price won the 100m title at the World Championship with 10.71 seconds. The gold won by him is also considered important because he is 32 years old and he has come back after 2017. Significantly, Usain Bolt has won a total of 11 gold medals in the 100-meter Ferrata during his career.


  1. Recently which American fashion retailer company has declared itself bankrupt?
    a. Forever 21
    b. Tommy Hilfiger
    c. Puma
    d. Jack and jones

ANSWER: a. Forever 21
America’s fashion retail company Forever 21 has declared itself bankrupt. According to this announcement, the company will close its 178 stores worldwide. Now it will focus only on increasing the value of a few stores in the US. The brand was started in 1984.