1. On which of the following days is the World Tsunami Awareness Day celebrated?
a. 5 November
b. 4 November
c. 3 November
d. 2 November

ANSWER: a. 5 November:
World Tsunami Awareness Day is celebrated by the United Nations on 5 November every year in the year 2015. Its purpose is to spread awareness among people about tsunami. The first World Tsunami Awareness Day was celebrated on 5 November 2016. People are being made aware about the ‘Sendai Seven Campaign’ by the Tsunami Awareness Day of the year 2019. Under this, it is told how to avoid maximum damage and minimum loss at the time of tsunami.

2. Which of the following country has decided not to join the world’s largest free trade agreement ‘Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership’ (RCEP) in Bangkok? A. India
b. China
c. Japan
d. Australia

ANSWER: a. India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has considered it better to stay out of this agreement if many issues are not seen as the right solution. RCEP Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is a trade agreement. It allows member countries to trade with each other. According to the agreement, the member countries do not have to pay the tax on import and export either at all or very little.

3. Surjeet S. on recent trade policy. The high level advisory group constituted under the chairmanship of Bhalla has suggested the government to issue which bond?
a. Coupon Bonds
b. Elephant Bond
c. Tax Bond
d. Surya Bond

ANSWER: b. Elephant Bonds are
25-year sovereign bonds issued by a nation. The high-level trade panel estimates that up to $ 500 billion in black money stashed abroad can be obtained from India. This will reduce the real interest rate drastically and will also help in strengthening the rupee.

4. Recently in which state Tawang Festival was held?
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Himachal Pradesh
d. Arunachal Pradesh

ANSWER: d. Arunachal Pradesh
This is an annual festival of Arunachal Pradesh which was started in the year 2012. The festival showcases the rich cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh in which programs related to Buddhism, traditional dances, indigenous games and movies are performed. The main attractions of the festival are Yak dance and Aji-Lamu dance.

5. According to the data released recently by the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, in which country the unemployment rate has reached the highest level in the last 3 years?
a. Australia
b. India
c. China
d. Russia

According to the report of the India Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, the urban unemployment rate in India is estimated at 8.9% and the rural unemployment rate at 8.3%. India’s unemployment rate rose to 8.5% in October 2019, the highest level since August 2016. According to the research, the employment rate of the services sector increased by 13.4% in the same period, while the manufacturing sector registered a decline of 5.7%.