1. Which medal was won in the Olympic Test by Indian players Shiva Thapa and Pooja Rani?
a. Gold
b. Silver
c. Bronze
d. No medal

ANSWER: a. Swarna
Siva Thapa (63 kg) and Pooja Rani (75 kg) have won gold medals in the Olympic Test competition for boxing. Another Indian player Ashish (69 kg) had to be content with the silver medal with the loss in the final. Siva Thapa defeated Kazakhstan national champion and Asian bronze medalist Sanatali Tolatayev 5–0 in a one-sided match. Pooja Rani won the gold medal by defeating Australian player Kaitlyn Parker.

2. On which of the following days is Haryana Foundation Day celebrated?
a. 31 October
b. 01 November
c. 02 November
d. 30 October

ANSWER: b. 01 November
Haryana was established on 01 November 1966. It was made a separate state on a linguistic basis from East Punjab. It has been 53 years since the establishment of Haryana in the year 2019. Three borders of the National Capital Region are present with the state of Haryana.  

3. Recently which technology company has acquired Fitbit?
b. Google
c. Facebook

ANSWER: b. Google
has decided to buy Google smart wearable manufacturer Fitbit for $ 2.1 billion (Rs 14,846 crore). Fitbit first introduced Smartwatch in 2017. Fitbit’s co-founder and CEO is James Park. With this agreement, Google has stepped into the field of wearable technology. The deal will help bring together the best hardware, software and artifacts.

4. What is the name of the joint military exercise between India and Uzbekistan to be held in November 2019?
a. Dustlik 2019
b. Parakram 2019
c. Yoddha 2019
d. Veer 2019

ANSWER: a. Dustilk 2019: The
first military exercise called India Dustilk 2019 will be conducted between India and Uzbekistan on counter-terrorism strategy. This military exercise will be held between November 4 and November 13, 2019. The aim of this war exercise is to focus on anti-terrorism and anti-terrorism action in the hilly, rural and urban areas. A contingent of 45 members from India will participate in it.

5. Recently, in which neighboring country of India, there have been cases of ‘African Swine Fever’?
a. Bangladesh
b. Pakistan
c. Myanmar
d. China

ANSWER: d. China
China is the world’s largest swine producing country, where cases of ‘African Swine Fever’ (ASF) have been reported some time back. It was first found in Africa in 1920, hence it has been named ‘African Swine Fever’. Due to no treatment available, the death rate of animals suffering from it is considered to be 100%. Till now its cases have been seen in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and Caribbean islands.