Tamil Nadu government notified Aritapatti as the state’s first biodiversity heritage site


1. Ministry of Youth Program and Sports announced ‘ Tenjing Norgay National Adventure Awards ’ for the year 2021

Government of India K Ministry of Youth Program and Sports Ne Year 2021 For ‘Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award ( TNNAA)Announced the National Adventure Awards called ’। This award Land Adventure, Water Adventure, Air Adventure and Life Time Achievement The name is given in four categories। This year the National Selection Committee was formed under the chairmanship of the Secretary ( Youth Program )।

C.No. Name category
1. Ms. Naina Dhakad Land adventure
2. Shri Shubham Dhananjaya Vanamali water adventure
3. Group Captain Kunwar Bhawani Singh Samyal Life time achievement

These award winners will receive their respective awards from the President of India along with other sports award winners at Rashtrapati Bhavan on 30 November 2022। Each of the award winners will receive a miniature statue, certificate and prize money of Rs 15 lakh।

2. Dr. CV Anand Bose sworn in as the new Governor of Bengal

Doctor CV Anand Bose West Bengal New Governor Have become। Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court Justice Prakash Srivastava He administered the oath of office and secrecy। on this occasion Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee, Apart from the ministers and legislators of the state government, former Governor Gopal Krishna Gandhi was present।

3. Defense Minister attends ninth meeting of Defense Ministers of ASEAN countries in Cambodia

Defense minister Mr. Rajnath Singh On November 23, 2022 Siem Reap, Cambodia in 9th ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting ( ADMM Plus ) participated in। Secretary of Defense Mr. Giridhar Aramane, Chief of Integrated Defense Staff to the Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee ( CISC ) Air Marshal B. R. Krishna and other senior officials of the Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs were with the Minister। ADMM Plus is an annual meeting of defense ministers of ten ASEAN countries and its eight dialogue partner countries, India, America, Russia, China, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea। The year 2022 is also the 30th anniversary of Indo-ASEAN relations।

4. Tamil Nadu government notified Aritapatti as the state’s first biodiversity heritage site

recently Tamil Nadu Government Ne Madurai District K Melur Block in Aritapatti to Biodiversity heritage site (Biodiversity Heritage Site-BHS) has issued a notification declaring। It is the first of Tamil Nadu and the 35th biodiversity heritage site in India। Aritapatti village is rich in ecological and historical importance, it has about 250 species of birds including three important raptors; Predatory bird ie:

  • Lagger falcon
  • Shaheen hawk
  • Bonelli Eagle

It is also a habitat for wildlife such as Indian pangolin, slender loris and python। This region rich in biodiversity is surrounded by a series of seven hills or island mountains ( Inselberg ) 72 lakes as a watershed, Performs water recirculation of 200 natural springs and three check dams। Anikondon Lake is one of them built during the reign of the Pandya kings in the 16th century। Several megalithic structures, shellized temples, Tamil Brahmi inscriptions and structures related to Jainism reflect the historical significance of the region।

5. Third Global High Level Ministerial Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance on 24 and 25 November in Muscat, Oman

Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Dr. Bharti Praveen Pawar Muscat of Oman in 24 and 25 November To be Third Global High Level Ministerial Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance Will participate in। In the inaugural session of the conference, the office will approach India। During the conference, Dr. Pawar will discuss antimicrobial resistance with other leaders, policy makers, leading global experts, private sector representatives, civil society, research institutes and multilateral organizations।

6. Government grants theoretical approval to 95 more projects under the new phase of Athenol Bage subsidy schemes

Government Ethanol Bages Subsidy Schemes Under the new phase of 95 more theoretical approval of projects Has provided। These projects are close to the country’s annual ethanol capacity 480 crores liters Will be great। The Department of Food and Public Distribution has said that about 12 thousand crooked forms of investment are likely to be made on these projects। These will create huge employment opportunities in rural India। A total of 243 projects have been given theoretical approval since the program was notified in April this year।

7. Nepal’s Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba was elected from Dhanakuta district for the seventh consecutive time

Nepal Prime Minister of Lion brave deuba continuously Elected for the seventh time from Dhankuta district Happened। He defeated independent candidate Sagar Dhakal by more than 12 thousand votes। in Nepal Parliamentary and Provincial Elections held on 20 November The counting of votes continues। This second general election after the declaration of the constitution in 2015 Was।

8. Construction of more than 25 thousand lake under Mission Amrit Sarovar for solution of water problem in rural areas

Government Construction of more than 25 thousand nectar sarovars completed in 6 months have done। Next year under Amrit Sarovar campaign The goal of manufacturing 50 thousand nectar sarovars up to 15 August has been kept। According to the Ministry of Rural Development, by the 17th of this month, about 90 thousand 531 sites were identified for the construction of nectar sarovars। Of these, work has been started on 52 thousand two hundred 45। Nectar Sarovar campaign launched 24 April 2022 Was done। Amrit Mahit Sav of independence on the call of Prime Minister Naren Dra Modi to overcome the water crisis in rural areas of the country 75th year of independence in Construction of 75 nectar sarovars in Pratyek district was taken।

9. Three-day top level regional strategic dialogue of the Indian Navy, Hind Pacific Regional Dialogue 2022 begins in New Delhi

Indian Navy Three-day top-level regional strategic dialogue, The Pacific Regional Dialogue 2022 ( Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue 2022 ( IPRD) ) New Delhi Started in। It is an annual international conference that promotes the exchange of ideas and discussions on maritime issues related to the Hind-Pacific। The 2022 edition of the Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue ( IPRD-2022 ) appropriately focuses on IPOI and its implementation — along with other topics — specifically ‘Maritime security‘ To be noted।

10. Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Ashwini Vaishnav inaugurates Entrepreneurship Center and Innovation

Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Mr. Ashwini Vaishnava Telecommunications R&D Center of the Government of India, Center for Development of Telematics ( C-dot ) K Delhi Campus in Entrepreneurial Cell and Innovation Center ( COI ) Inaugurated। Establishment of COI Local startups in strengthening the overall technological structure inspired by the coordinating collaboration between R&D, education sector, industry and startups, IoT/M2M, AI/ML, by encouraging the remarkable role of those who will accelerate the design, development and deployment of affordable and globally competitive telecommunications solutions in the country, Indigenous innovation in the domain of telecommunications like 5G etc. has been done to accelerate entrepreneurship।

11. Garuda Shakti, a team of Indian Special Forces bilateral joint training exercises with Indonesian special forces

Army-to-Army Exchange As part of programs to do, Indian Special Forces A troop currently Sanga Buana Training Area, Karawang, Indonesia A bilateral joint training exercise in Garuda powerIs engaged in। Practice Garuda Shakti is the eighth edition of a series of bilateral exercises under this banner। The exercise, which began on 21 November 2022, aims to promote understanding, cooperation and interoperability between the special forces of the two armies। Orientation, weapons, equipment, innovation, strategy, to upgrade the skills of special forces within the scope of joint practice, Sharing information on technical and procedures and lessons learned from various campaigns conducted, Special Forces Operations in Jungle Region, Integrating the skills of basic and advance special forces in addition to gaining cognizance in the lifestyle and culture of both countries to promote attacks and military cooperation on terrorist camps Verification of practice is included।

12. Central Home Secretary and President of DRD released collection of low intensity defense products

Central Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla and Defense Research and Development Organization-DRDO President of Dr. Sameer V Kamat Developed by D. R. D.O Collection of low intensity defense products continues Have done। The collection includes more than one hundred technologies, systems and products developed by DRDO for minor conflicts। These collections will serve as a valuable repository of information for the central security forces।

13. Department of Industry and Internal Trade Promotion launched the route portal of Sartup India

Department of Industry and Internal Trade Enhancement Ne National membership forum For registration on Slartup india K Route portal Has launched। The purpose of this portal is to build a strong and inclusive system for innovation and entrepreneurship in India by enhancing the startup culture। Interested startups can apply to maarg.startupindia.gov.in।

14. Government issued notification to include stents in the list of National Compulsory Drugs

Government Firm patients Ishemal for Stents to Included in the list of national compulsory drugs Has issued a notification to do। This will enable these medical devices capable of saving lives easily available in the country। health Ministry It decided after the recommendations of the expert committee। After this decision National Pharmacological Price Authority Coronary stents will be able to be priced।

15. UNICEF and India agree to promote child rights films in international film film in Goa

Yunicef and National Film Development Corporation-NFDC Ne Goa in Indian Bliss in Prove to film with child rights circuit Compromised to give। In this important event, a special section has been created for the first time for films giving issues and rights to children and adolescents। Six films made jointly by NFDC and Yunisef are shown during the nine-day mahit sway। These films emphasize the challenges faced by children and raising awareness about child rights।

16. Ceremony begins on the 400th birth anniversary of Ahom Samrajh’s General LaChit Barfukan

Ahom Samraj Commander of 400th Jubilee of Lachit Barfukan 3 day ceremony of New heart Started in। Central finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman Inaugurated the exhibition at Science Building on this occasion। The exhibition shows the life achievements of Ahom Samrajya and Lachit Barfukan and other heroes। Jubilee of Lachit Borfukan 24 November Is celebrated। LaChit Bodefukan was born on November 24, 1622। They In the year 1671 Happened War of SaraighatEffective leadership of his army in (Battle of Saraighat), which failed to attempt the Mughal army to capture Assam। His efforts inspired strengthening Indian naval power, reviving inland water transport, and building infrastructure linked to naval strategy। The best cadet of the National Defense Academy ( National Defense Academy ) is awarded the Badofukan Gold Medal।

17. Inauguration of UNESCO India Africa Hackathon

UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ) India Africa Hackathon Inauguration of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath In Greater Noida Gautam Buddha University Done at a grand opening ceremony held in। This program is widely used to develop simple and leak-away strategies to deal with the problems facing mankind, with communities in African countries Was focused on promoting community engagement and cooperation। Highlights of the ceremony ‘by African students ‘Vande Mataram‘ Singing was what won everyone’s heart। The ceremony was concluded by Vice Chansler Prof. of Gautam Buddha University.R.K. Sinha’s thanks coincided with the offer। The hackathon is organized by the Ministry of Central Education and students from 22 African countries are participating in this hackathon।

18. Geographical Indication for Nicobari Hodi Crafts ( GI) Tag sought

recently Andaman and Nicobar Islands The group has applied Nicobari Hodi Crafts for Geographical Indication ( GI) Tag Has been demanded। This is the first application from the Union Territory seeking tag for any of its products। Earlier the government Mithila MakhanaWas awarded the GI tag। Hodi is a traditional craft of the Nicobari tribe। It is an otrigger canoe, which usually operates in the Nicobar group of islands। The technical skills to make Nicobaris a Hodi are based on indigenous knowledge inherited from their ancestors। The Hodi is made from trees available either locally or on the surrounding islands and its design varies slightly from one island to another। Considerations to be taken into account include the length of the finished canoe, which must be 12 times its width, while the length of the tree trunk must be 15 times this width।

19. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum-Apec expresses resolve to keep supply chains and markets open

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum – APEC 21 member countries Resolution to keep supply chains and markets open Have done। APEC members Bangkok The joint manifesto issued in the United Manifesto mentions the human suffering caused by the war। Apart from this, concern has also been expressed about the ill effects of economic growth, inflation, supply chain and energy and food security due to war। Member countries issued the manifesto after the 29th APEC meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of Thailand। This reaffirms the long-term commitment of APEC member states to promote strong, balanced, safe, sustainable and inclusive growth। Its next meeting will be in the US in the year 2023।

20. India’s first Center of Excellence for Green Wives and Ship Transport launched

recently Green Wives and Ship Transport for First National Center of Excellence in India ( National Center of Excellence for Green Port & Shipping-NCoEGPS ) Mumbai Held in “Inmarko 2022” Done in ( INMARCO 2022)। Inmarco is a Chaturvar अंत्राष्ट्राष्ट्राष्ट्रा International Maritime Conference and Exhibition organized by the Mezbani Institute of Marine Engineers ( India )। The Ministry of Wives, Ships, Transport and Waterways is a major initiative of (Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways- MOPSW) towards providing a NCoEGPS green solution। The NCoEGPS will operate under the framework of the Sagarmala Program of the Ministry of Wives, Ship Transport and Waterways। The Institute of Energy and Resources ( The Energy and Resources Institute-TERI ) is the information and implementation partner for this project। The purpose of this center is wives in India, The Ministry of Ship Transport and Waterways has to develop a regulatory structure and road map of alternative technology to promote carbon apathy and the world economy ( CE )।

21. 13th bilateral naval exercise Nasim al Bahr-2022

Indian and Royal Oman Navies Bilateral practice between Nasim al Bahr-2022 Of 13th edition, Started off the coast of Oman on 20 November 2022। The exercise is being conducted in two phases: the port phase and the maritime phase। The Nasim Al Bahr naval exercise was started in 1993। Its last edition was held in Goa in 2019।

22. New Zealand Supreme Court rules 18 years voting age discriminatory in country

New zealand Consideration of reducing the voting age from 18 to 16 is doing। Actually, Supreme court Following the decision of (Supreme Court ), the government there is considering lowering the age limit to vote। Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has promised to bring a law to Parliament regarding this। Explain that the New Zealand court has ruled in favor of allowing 16 and 17 year old teenagers to vote, giving a historic verdict। The court said that not giving voting rights to teenagers of this age is similar to discrimination against them। The court found that protection against age discrimination in New Zealand starts at 16 years and thus granting the right to vote above 18 indicates discrimination against others is।

23. India and the European Union sign agreement for cooperation in high-performance computing

India and European Union ( EU ) On 21 November 2022 Climate Modeling and Quantum Technologies As such, an agreement has been signed for cooperation in high-tech sectors।The agreement signed during the visit of the European Union Commission Chairman Ursula von der Leyen in New Delhi on 25 April 2022, the provisions of the Indo-EU TTC ( Council of Trade and Technology ) Agreement Implements। The agreement aims to reduce biomolecular drugs, Kovid-19 therapeutic, climate change, To facilitate collaboration on high-performance computing applications using Indian and European supercomputers in areas such as predicting natural disasters and quantum computing।

24. HDFC Bank, Kenra Bank received RBI approval for rupee trade with Russia

Reserve Bank of India ( RBI ) Ne HDFC Bank Limited and Kenra Bank Limited to Russia with Trade in rupees A special for “Vostro account” allowed to open। This paves the way for cross-border trade in Indian currency, especially between New Delhi and Moscow। Three other Indian banks – State Bank of India, Indesind Bank and UCO Bank – had received the necessary permission from the regulator to start the first rupee business। before this,SBI had said that it is opening a featured Vostro account to handle trade settlement related to Russia। Russia’s two largest banks – ‘ Sberbank’ and ‘ VTB’ banks are the first foreign lenders to receive international business transactions in the rupee by the Reserve Bank of India। Nostro account refers to an account opened by one bank to another। This allows customers to deposit money in another bank’s account। It is often used when a bank has no branch abroad। Nostro is a Latin word meaning “our (ours)। The word Vostro has a Latin meaning – yours (yours)। A Nostro account is a Vostro account for the bank that opens the account।it happens। The word Vostro has a Latin meaning – yours (yours)। A Nostro account is a Vostro account for the bank that opens the account।it happens। The word Vostro has a Latin meaning – yours (yours)। A Nostro account is a Vostro account for the bank that opens the account।

25. Union Minister Anurag Singh Thakur launched ’ 53 hour challenge ’

Central Minister Anurag Thakur Ne ’53-hour challengeInaugurated ’, which was organized 53rd Indian International Film Festival ( Ifi ) Is being done simultaneously। This competition 75 ‘ Creative Minds ’ to In 53 hours their Idea of India @ 100 But will challenge to make a short film। This section of Iffi 53 is written by the National Film Development Corporation ( NDFC ) in collaboration with Shorts TV।

26. Journalist Danish Manjur Bhatt Kovid-19 Awarded ‘ Jaipur Foot USA ’ Award for Relief Efforts

Kashmir Valley Living Danish Manjur Bhatt to New York In a ceremony held at the Consulate General of India ‘Jaipur Foot USAAwarded the first Global Humanitarian Award of ’। The award has been initiated to mark and honor the selfless work of ‘ ‘ Indians ’ ’, Who helped the needy people in every possible way during the difficult years of the epidemic। Journalist by profession, editorial director of Danish Newsweek magazine, Asia and lead as senior vice president of global editorial strategy and innovation।

27. India won 25 out of 28 gold at the 15th Asian Airgan Championships

India South Korea in 15th Asian Championship in 25 gold medals Ended his campaign with। Which included two gold medals won on the last day। Manu Bhakar and Emperor Rana won the 10 meter Air Pistol mixed team junior event while Rhythm Sangwan and Vijayveer Sidhu won the senior event gold medal। India finished first in 25 of the 28 events of this championship।

28. Army Red Team Wins 72nd Inter Army Wallaball Championship 2022-23

Army Red Team Ne 72nd Inter-Army Wallabol Champion 2022-23 Has won। Closing ceremony of this championship Eagle Indoor Volleyball Smedium of Sinkrabad Was held in। Apart from two Indian Army teams Red and Green, one team from the Indian Navy and Indian Air Force participated in it। The championship has provided the best players to choose from in the Army’s volleyball team। Somshankar of the General Officer in Commanding Bigreadier of Telangana and Andhra Sub Area provided the trophy।

29. Former Indian football captain Babu Mani died at the age of 59

1980s in Indian Football Team Be integral to Babu Mani Ka died after a long battle with issues related to Lever। He was 59 years old। He represented India in 55 international matches and was part of the first Indian team to qualify for the AFC Asian Cup in 1984। Mani was also a member of the Indian team that won gold medals in the South Asian Games editions in 1985 and 1987। Babu Mani is also part of the Bengal team, which won the Santosh Trophy in 1986 and 1988। He also played and won various domestic football cups such as Federation Cup, IFA Shield, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup trophy for the top three clubs in Kolkata।

30. President Draupadi Murmu mourned the death of former Orissa minister Golak Bihari Naik

President Draupadi Murmu Ne Former Odisha Minister Golak Bihari Naik mourned the death of। 65-year-old former minister MLA Golak Bihari Nayak was elected to the Odisha Legislative Assembly three times। At the same time, from 2000 to 2009 he was also a minister in various departments। Golak Bihari, who was an MLA from Khunta twice and once from Udla Legislative Assembly constituency, was admitted to Sai Nursing Home in Baripada due to age related diseases