The hero of Siachen who had mats such a Pakistani army at 30 degrees



1.The hero of Siachen who had mats such a Pakistani army at 30 degrees:-

The world’s highest elevation zone … temperature is below minus 70 degrees Celsius … where even the ice has to be melted for water. Where the hand is touched by a rifle trigger, in 15 seconds the hand can be numb for ever. In such adverse situations where people like us and you can not last for five minutes, our soldiers are introducing unbelievable courage for 365 days. No one knows when someone in the snow storms, who, and how to be buried. Regardless of all this, our soldiers are introducing such unbelievable courage, whose conquering example is ‘Captain Bana Singh’ in front of us. Whenever the mention of the Siachen front, the name of Param Vir Chakra, Captain Bana Singh, is heard first. Four meetings of the Indian Army along with the Pakistani army have only happened in the battleground, there are some more fronts, where the brave Hindustains of Hindustan flooded Pakistan’s mansions. Siachen’s Front is also a similar front, in which Param Vir Chakra was awarded to the Nawab Subedar Bana Singh of the eighth division of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry for his cleverness, courage and courage. In order to honor Bana Singh and remember his gallantry, the chowki who was felicitated by Bana Singh in Siachen was named after ‘Bana Post’. Bana Singh was honored with Paramveer Chakra for his bravery. in fact, after the Karachi Accord, when the war break line was drawn in 1949, its expansion was in Jammu-Kashmir region from Khor to the south and Manav on the south. In this way the line goes towards the north side of the NJ9842 snowstyles (glaciers). The grass does not grow in this area, due to the cold weather till breathing is extremely difficult. But no matter what the situation is, where the boundaries of India, Pakistan and China are met, hence it has special significance in terms of security.

2.Fast lines will be available on toll plaza, petrol pumps will get fast:-

For the purpose of toll repayment, the RFID Fastag, which is in the vehicle, will now be found on petrol pumps. For this, NHAI has entered into an agreement with state-owned oil companies.

This agreement has happened between NHAI’s company Indian Highways Management Company Ltd (IHMCL) and Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation. Under this, the IHMCL’s Fastag will be available on all the three companies of petrol pumps spread across the country. It is being started from Delhi-NCR where fast speeds can be bought from fifty companies of fifty companies.

IHMCL started the sale and management work of tag ‘Fastag’ based on Radio Frequency Identification Technique, along with the implementation of National National Electronic Toll Collection Program (NETC), in April, 2016. The program has received tremendous success and so far the electronic toll collection has been started on selected regional highways besides 450 toll plazas of National Highways. Under the NETC, Fastag sales are done online by certified banks in addition to selected toll plazas and bank branches online. Recently, the government has started linking Fastag to GST. It was felt that the need for the Fastag sales and channels to be opened was felt. This requirement will be largely met from the sale of fastgate on petrol pumps. But IMHCL has taken some more steps to further expand the fastest sale. These include the development of mobile applications. For this, two applications namely ‘MyFastag’ and ‘IHMCLPOS’ have been launched last day. These applications will enable customers to link to their Fastag Preferred Bank Account and recharge Fastag through the UPI Platform.With this, the company is also moving ahead in the direction of implementing the Fastag in the whole country under one nation-one tag mission. For this, necessary coordination with different state authorities / HPV is being implemented. So that people like to pay tolls only through fastgages on the plazas of states / municipal corporations. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Hyderabad have already been included in the scheme. While negotiations are in progress in this regard with the rest of the states / agencies.

3.Day will be counterfeit currency, India prepares its security ink:-

Those who are involved in counterfeit money are now going to take on the day. India has developed the technology of Securities Inc and in future it will be able to use Securities Inc to print the notes of the Reserve Bank of India. Dr. Vineet Kumar Rai, who arrived from IIT Dhanbad, who attended the Lovely Professional University on the fourth day of the Indian Science Congress, gave his lecture on laser support mechanisms in detail in detail in Security Ink Technology.

Dr. Vineet Kumar said that anything from Securities Inc will be written and will not be visible to anyone with normal eyes. This will only show when the light of the fixed web lengthholder is highlighted. Although invisible ink are available in the market at this time, but this Inc. does not work for long periods. So far, for the Indian currency, it is being used by invoicing from abroad.

Due to security coming from foreign countries, when India introduced new notes of 2000 and 500 in place of old notes, some days later fake notes had also come into the market. But after the innovation of the scientists, the fake currency business will not be successful with the Securities Inc created now.

have its Securities Inc. Web Lenthaler will be India’s own Security Inc. web lengthholder, which can be read in web lengthlaser light. It will be known only to the officials of the Reserve Bank, or in the note counting machine, the same wave lengthless light will be fit in the machine, so that the machine can be used to detect the real and fake currency. The use of proven material lasers in cancer therapy is not only effective in cancer but also in cancer therapies. By creating radiation targets from cancer therapy, it is given to the same cells in the patient’s body which are cancer cells. This prevents the side effects of radiation in the second part of the patient’s body.

4.Information and Broadcasting Minister denies reports of taking private services of the private agencies to monitor the media before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections:-

Information and Broadcasting Minister Col Rajyavardhan Rathore has denied the news that the government is contemplating taking services of private agencies to monitor the media before the next Lok Sabha election. Recently, a news portal , had published an article which stated that PIB had last month issued a tender in print , electronic and collection of stories on social media , offer private agencies for analysis and feedback Are invited.

Through a video post on his Twitter handle, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said that similar agreements had already been issued for the collection of news on print and electronic media.

5.KBC gives knowledge to Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Computer G’, this daughter of Bihar:-

Interesting questions of Mega Shows ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ (KBC) and Amitabh Bachchan’s impressive dialogue presentation have become a reality. Not many people would know that the talent of a daughter of Begusarai of Bihar was also working behind the impressive presentation of KBC’s questions and dialogue. Apart from Amitabh, Archana Sharma also led the Content Editing team to KBC hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. Not only this, Archana also handled the content of Salman Khan’s show “Ten Ka Dum” and “Big Boss”, which is very beautifully handled. Archana also worked for Kiran Bedi’s show ‘Aap Ki Kachhari’, for the show of Boman Irani and Shatrughan Sinha. Archana is a resident of Madhurapur village, who comes to Teghada block of Begusarai district. His grandfather, Suryanarayana Singh, has been a Member of Parliament. Among the three daughters of Aruna and Ajay Kumar Singh, Manjali Archana took over the responsibility of content editing of Kaun Banega Crorepati program for 11 years and played a bigger role in bringing show to Buldhianas. Editing and organizing the main content of the show, finalize the content. This is a very challenging task. Especially when the show is similar to KBC or Big Boss and the hosts are like Amitabh, Shahrukh and Salman. Millions of people are watching him and the popularity is at peak. It is also necessary to maintain this success every moment.The success with which Archana completed this challenge, it is worth the praise. He gets credit only, which is visible in front, like Amitabh, Salman or Shahrukh. But those who work behind the scenes have more satisfaction than credit. The late-world world recognizes their work and gives them credit for their share with interest. This is what happened with Archana.

Archana, who came in shock after the untimely demise of husband of Murti Sharma in 2016, resigned from the post of Content Editor. But now he is ready for a new innings. Archana has started a quiz club to increase the general knowledge and confidence of the children of the government school of Begusarai. If there was a lack of a good book, then a series of General Knowledge in English, Knowledge Window, and Gyan Pallava in Hindi. At the same time, based on the NCERT syllabus, the Quiz app named Step Tow Scholar has been prepared for these children. This allows children to practice their subjects very easily.Archana Sharma was a Content Editor in Big Synergy Media Limited till 2016. During this time, he prepared questions for all seasons of Kaun Banega Crorepati Program. The questions which were asked on the set or the information related to it, were worked under the leadership of Team Archana, who worked closely with them.


6.These players are the hero of India’s victory, without them the history would be difficult:-

With the Test match draw in Sydney, the Indian team took the Test series 2-1. At the same time, with  India  winning the Test series for the first time in Australia, the end of the 71-year waiting period ended. The whole team did well for the first series win of India in Australia, but there were some players who turned the series towards India with their best performance. Let’s tell you about those players and their performance-

Cheteshwar Pujara

Cheteshwar Pujara rescued the Australian team’s sweat while displaying the best batting in this series. Pujara scored 521 runs in this series with three centuries and he also became the highest run scorer in this series. Pujara played 1258 balls in this test series, 1868 minutes i.e. spent 31 hours and 8 minutes on the crease. Pujara was given the man of the series award for his outstanding performance in the series. He was also adjudged man of the match for Sydney’s 193 inning.

Jaspreet Bumrah

Bumrah has bowled the finest bowlers in the series and broke the back of the kangaroos. Bumrah got the maximum 21 wickets from India in this series. Both Bumrah and Nathan Lyon took 21-21 wickets, but Bumrah scored less than Leone. In  the first innings of the Melbourne Test, Bumrah hit six batsmen in the first innings of the Melbourne Test, and in the second innings he also hit three crucial wickets and broke Australia’s batting lineup.

In the Melbourne Test, Bumrah scored 9 wickets with 86 runs and also became the fastest Indian fast bowler to do the best on Australia’s soil. Before Bumrah, Ajit Agarkar had taken 8 wickets in the Adelaide Test in 2003 with 160 runs. Even before that in 1985, Kapil Dev took 8 wickets in Adelaide for 8 wickets.

Virat Kohli

Indian captain Virat Kohli also has a fantastic batting in this Test series. He scored 282 runs in this series. During this time, he scored a century and a half century. Kohli played a magnificent innings of 82 runs in Melbourne. Earlier, he also scored a hundred on the field of Park. In the second Test match played in Perth, he had scored a magnificent century and after that he also scored a half century in Melbourne and showed that Kohli is not called the world’s greatest batsman.

Mohamed Shami

Shami also bowled the best in this Test series. He stabbed Australian batsmen on his stumps and pace. Shami took 16 wickets in this series with 419 runs. Shami had taken 6 wickets for 56 runs in Perth Test match, although India could not win this match, but Shami can not be underestimated. Shami played a key role in creating history while giving wickets to India on important occasions and ending the 71-year waiting period.

Mayank Agarwal

Mayank Agarwal played only two test matches in this series and he also got two half-centuries. In this series, Mayank scored 195 runs in two matches. He scored 77 runs in Sydney. Earlier, he scored 76 in the first innings of his debut Test match in Melbourne, in the first innings. After this, in the second innings of the Melbourne Test, when wickets were falling from one another, Mayank kept one end firmly and kept on the wicket like Angad. In the second innings, he scored 44 runs. Mayank solved the problem of opening of Team India.Following Rahul and Murali’s disappointing performance, Mayank played a key role in capturing Team India in Melbourne.

7.India made history, test series in Australia for the first time in 71 years:-

The fourth Test match played between India and Australia in Sydney has been drawn though. In this match, the hosts were protected from bad light and rain, but Kangaroo could not stop the Indian team from making history this time. Despite Sydney’s draw of Test matches, India made the four-Test series 2-1. With this victory, waiting for the 71-year test series win in Australia is over. This is the first time when an Indian team beat the Kangaroos and win the Test series on their own soil. After winning the Test series, the Indian team ended the waiting period of 71 years, along with team India became the first Asian team to beat Australia in the same home. Earlier, Australia could only beat only four countries in their home series. The four countries are England, West Indies, New Zealand and South Africa. Africa The first Test match between India and Australia was played in Adelaide. India won by 31 runs in this match. The second Test match was played in Perth, and in this match, Australia defeated India and leveled the series 1-1. After this Boxing Day Test was played in Melbourne. In this third match Kohli’s Virat Sena made a 2-1 lead in the series by churning the Kangaroos with their best performance. The fourth and last Test match of this series began in Sydney. In this match, the Indian team had done a fine performance by scoring on the Kangaro, but poor light and rain saved the Kangaroos from being shy of 3-1 and the series ended with a scoreline of 2-1.



8.Funding for three schemes like Ayushman India: Arun Jaitley:-

Terming the Aadhar as a game changer, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that financial savings from its implementation can be funded by three public welfare schemes like Ayushman India. This is an ambitious health service program which provides the facility of free treatment to the poor in the hospital.

He blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decisive leadership for the successful implementation of the foundation and said that the Congress-led UPA government has done this in an irresistible manner due to its contradictions and indecision.

In his Facebook post ‘Advantage of Aadhaar-what is its position today’, Jaitley said that the supply of subsidy through Aadhaar has saved 90,000 crores during the last few years from March 2018. This helped to remove many duplicate, anonymous and fake beneficiaries.He said that the World Bank’s Digital Dividend Report has estimated that India can save Rs 77,000 crore every year from the base. The Finance Minister said, “With the saving of the base, three schemes like Ayushman India can be run.”

The purpose of Ayushman-Pradhan Mantri Jan Swasthya Yojana is to give ‘cover’ of 5 lakh rupees annually to families. About 10.74 crore families will benefit from this scheme. At the same time, seven lakh poor patients have taken advantage of free treatment facilities in the hospitals since the start of this scheme.

9.Now the companies and CAs will also have KYC:-

In addition to trying to get the suspect out of the system, Minister of Corporate Affairs, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Company Secretaries also want to get ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) details. A senior official of the Ministry said that this exercise will have a reliable list of companies and professionals near the ministry. Under the proposed scheme, the first companies will be KYC and then the KYC of professionals will be raised.The ministry had ensured its identification by running the KYC campaign of Directors last year. This drill was carried out under a massive effort to deal with suspected companies regarding illegal transactions. Corporate Secretary Injeeti Srinivas said that the mandatoryness of the KYC for the directors was a major step.33 lakh people had the Director Identification Numbers (DIN), but only 16 million more followed the KYC mandatory. The person who has the ability to become a director on the board of registered companies is given a specific number, which is called DIN.Srinivas said that the ministry can run KYC process for companies. This will be a big step. After this MCA 21 system will not register such companies which does not conform to any particular standard.