The United Nations has announced a global vaccination strategy for children.


1. Nomadland received the Oscar for Best Film, Anthony Hawkins as Best Actor and Francis MacDormond for Best Actress

Nomadland has won the Oscar for Best Film . Anthony Hawkins won the award for Best Actor and Frances McDormand for Best Actress. USA of Los Angeles at the awards ceremony held at Chloe go to win the Best Director award for the film Nomedland first black womanHas become. She is also the second woman to have won an Oscar award in this category. Yeon Yoo Jung won the Best Supporting Actress Award for the film Minari. Daniel Kaluyo received the Best Supporting Actor Award for the film Judas and the Black Messiah. Another round of Denmark was awarded the Best International Feature Film. The Oscar Awards ceremony was held at two Los Angeles locations – the Dolby Theater and the Ulian Station.

  1. Government of India will import 10,000 oxygen concentrators

Government of India 10,000 Oxygen ConcentratorWill import An oxygen concentrator concentrates oxygen from the atmosphere. Atmospheric air contains 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The oxygen concentrator accumulates air, sends nitrogen back into the air through a sieve and collects only oxygen. Oxygen in the oxygen concentrator is compressed through a cannula. This oxygen is 90% to 95% pure. A pressure valve in the concentrator helps regulate the supply of oxygen from 1 to 10 liters per minute. The oxygen obtained from the concentrator is not as pure as liquid medical oxygen. although, It is sufficiently pure for mild and moderate COVID-19 patients. It is suitable for patients who require an oxygen saturation level of 85% or more. Oxygen concentrators are not appropriate for ICU patients. Oxygen concentrators will provide only five to ten liters per minute. Serious patients require 40 to 50 liters of oxygen per minute. Oxygen concentrators are portable. On the other hand, liquid medical oxygen is cryogenic. Need to be stored and transported in tankers.

  1. The Gambia kills Trachoma

The Gambia recently became the second African country to eliminate trachoma . Trachoma is one of the leading causes of blindness. Ghana became the first African country to eliminate trachoma in 2018 . Trachoma is a bacterial eye infection that damages the eyelids. This causes the eyelids to turn inward. Trachoma is one of the neglected tropical diseases. If it is not corrected with surgery it can cause irreversible vision loss and blindness. Trachoma is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis.

  1. The United Nations has announced a global vaccination strategy for children.

The United Nations -led Global Children’s Immunization Strategy was announced to allow more than 5 crore children to be given life-saving vaccines from measles and other diseases that have been disrupted due to the Kovid epidemic. The World Health Organization, UNICEF and the Vaccine Alliance said in a joint statement that the new global strategy could save 5 crore lives in less than a decade. World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom GrabbiasisHas said that it is imperative that regular vaccinations continue in every country of the world in order not to spread dangerous diseases like measles, yellow fever and diphtheria. A survey by the World Health Organization found that more than one-third of the countries still hold regular immunization campaigns. The joint statement said that about 60 mass vaccination campaigns in 50 countries were currently suspended which put the lives of 22.8 million people, especially children, at risk from measles and polio.

  1. Russia’s central bank raised interest rates

The Central Bank of Russia has raised the interest rate from 4.5% to 5% . This is the second time the apex bank is raising interest rates due to inflationary pressures. According to the bank, inflation in the country will range from 4.7% to 5.2% by 2021. It is expected that Russia will return to its 4% target in 2022.

  1. Zhurong: China’s first Mars rover

China has named its first Mars rover as Zhurong after the traditional fire god . Jhurong Tianven -l (Tianwen-L) is a space probe. It reached Mars orbit in February 2021 and will be landing on Mars in May, 2021. With Jhurong, China would become the third country after the Soviet Union and the US to achieve a soft landing on Mars. Also, it will become the second country after America to land a rover on Mars. Jhurong weighs 240 kg and is powered by solar energy. Jhurong has multispectral cameras and equipment for analyzing the structure of rocks.

  1. India Welcomes ASEAN Initiative on Myanmar’s Agreements at ASEAN Summit

The Government of India has recently welcomed the ASEAN initiative on Myanmar . ASEAN countries have issued a five-point statement on the Myanmar crisis. Under this statement, ASEAN countries have called for ” immediate cessation of violence “. The five points of this initiative are as follows:

  1. Ending violence
  2. Organizing constructive dialogue between all parties
  3. Appointment of a Special ASEAN Envoy to facilitate all-party dialogue
  4. Acceptance of assistance
  5. Special ASEAN Envoy to Visit in Myanmar with Military Leader
  1. Government of India removed basic customs and health cess on medical oxygen and equipment

The Government of India has given complete exemption from basic health cess on import of customs duty on oxygen related equipment for a period of three months . With the rapidly spreading COVID-19 double mutant variant B.1.617 in the country, the demand for medical oxygen exploded rapidly. To meet this high demand, the Government of India is taking several steps. The Government of India announced that 162 medical oxygen plants will be set up in public health facilities. Out of this, 30-30 have already been established in Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, etc. 80 plants will be set up by May 2021. The cost of setting up these plants has been estimated at Rs 201.58 crore. Of these, 100 medical oxygen plants will be funded by the PM Care Fund. The Indian government plans to import 50,000 tonnes of oxygen.

  1. 116 Indian districts reported zero malaria cases in 2020

The Union Health and Family Welfare Minister recently reported that zero malaria in total 116 districts of India in 2020There have been cases of In 2020, India reduced the disease burden of malaria by 5%. At the same time, India has reduced the deaths due to malaria by 83.6%. According to the World Health Organization, the right mix of vector control measures is preferred. Giving, India achieved this due to strong technical leadership, political commitment to rejuvenation. India was one of eighteen countries supporting the Malaria Elimination Roadmap of Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance at the East Asia Summit held in Malaysia in 2015. Under this alliance, the leaders agreed to completely eliminate malaria in the region by 2030. India launched the National Framework for Malaria Eradication in the country (2016-2030). The recent achievement is a part of this framework.

  1. CSIR sero survey results

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research recently released the results of the sero survey . The survey was conducted on 10,427 persons. Of these, only 14% showed sero positivity. This survey suggested that there was a decline in neutralizing antibodies. This has increased the likelihood of people getting re-infected. Scientists have concluded from the survey that this could be one of the reasons for the infection spreading in March 2021. Sero-positivity shows a positive result for a particular antibody in a blood test.

11. Organic certification awarded to approximately 14 thousand five hundred hectare organic area of ​​Car Nicobar and Nankouri Islands

Center said that Andaman and Nicobar in Car Nicobar and Nancowry Islands almost 14 thousand five hundred hectares of organic area of organic certification has been granted. This is the first large critical area to receive organic status under the Large Area Certification Scheme . In spite of the prevalence of modern farming practices, there are large areas of hilly areas, tribal districts, deserts and rain-fed areas in India where chemical materials and fertilizers are still not used in farming.

  1. Tamil Nadu government’s decision to reopen Vedanta oxygen production plant

The Tamil Nadu government has decided to reopen the Vedanta oxygen production plant at Tuticorin after considering the urgent need for increased oxygen production . The Vedanta group appealed to the Supreme Court to allow the production of oxygen through its plant at Tuticorin. The Supreme Court has allowed private hospital Vedanta to set up an oxygen production unit at a copper plant in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu. The Central Government had requested the Supreme Court to allow Vedanta to start producing oxygen at the Sterlite plant. The plant was shut down after 18 people died in a shootout incident in the year 2018 .

  1. Indian women’s recurve team wins gold medal in Archery World Cup

In Guatemala in the Archery World Cup , the Indian women’s recurve team won the gold medal by defeating Mexico . The Indian team of Deepika Kumari, Ankita Bhakta and Komalika Bari scored 27 points in the gold medal match, while the team of Mexico was able to score only 26 points. After seven years, the Indian team has won its first gold medal in the recurve team match in the World Cup. This is Deepika Kumari’s fifth gold medal in a team match in the World Cup. In another match, the Indian mixed recurve team of Antanu Das and Ankita Bhakta won the bronze medal defeating America 6–2.

  1. The Center imported twenty cryogenic tankers of ten metric tons and 20 metric tons capacity

The Center has twenty cryogenic tankers of ten metric tons and 20 metric tons capacityHave imported. To overcome the shortage of oxygen tankers in the country, these have been allocated to various states. These cryogenic ISO containers have been imported to increase the transport of oxygen. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has allocated these to suppliers from Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Gujarat after consulting the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. The first batch of medical aid from Britain arrived in India. The Ministry of External Affairs said that the consignment consists of 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen concentrators. Several nations including the US, France, Germany, Israel and the European Union have pledged aid to India to combat the Kovid epidemic. These countries said that they would provide oxygen, diagnostic tests, ventilators and protective shells to India.

  1. National Fertilizer Limited Ordered to Set Up Four Oxygen Plants

National Fertilizer Limited has ordered the setting up of four Oxygen plants . These plants will be set up in government hospitals in Noida, Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Bhopal . Each plant will have a capacity of 70 cylinders daily.

  1. Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand: 25 April

Each year in Australia and New Zealand in April 25 on Anzac Day (Anzac Day) is observed. The day is celebrated as the National Day of Remembrance commemorating all New Zealand and Australians who died in wars, conflicts and peace operations. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. This day was originally planned to honor members of the New Zealand and Australian armies who served in the Gallipoli Campaign. The Gallipoli Campaign was the first military campaign of the First World War. It took place between 1915 and 1916 in the Gallipoli Peninsula. It is often considered to be the beginning of Australian and New Zealand national consciousness.