Tips to Excel in Board Examination


Board Examination plays a vital role in our life as it acts as a stepping stone for our professional future. It does not only review our skills and knowledge but also helps us know where we stand amongst our peers. Furthermore, marks obtained in an examination helps you to select stream for specialization and also to get into the desired college.

In this competitive world, students need to give their best efforts with a different set of technique to get exceptionally good results. Students need to prepare for their subject in a given course of time facing all the odds like stress, nervousness etc. So here are the tips to overcome the odds and to excel in their Board examination:

(i) Practice Daily: A great quote says, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Many students stay awake all night for preparation and end up feeling drowsy during the time of examination, this affects their performance at a great level. Thus practicing subjects like Maths, Science regularly will definitely help students score well in their examination. Many topics like Differentiation, Calculus, Number System requires daily practice in order to have masterly skills. Thus if one wants to score good, daily practice is mandatory.

(ii) Know your strong and weak section: It is necessary for the students to figure out their strong and weak areas. Focusing more on their weak areas rather than the strong ones will help them score well in their examination.

(iii) Have a strategic plan: It is of real importance to having a preparation plan. One should have proper planning rather than just completing the course. Plan your studies in such a manner that the part of syllabus needs to be covered at least twice as it has been scientifically proved the second revision makes us understand things in a better manner.

(iv) Jot down important formulas and theorems: Revising the whole syllabus from the scratch can be a difficult process if bounded by time just before the examination. Thus preparing short notes can be beneficial in order to recall the answers quickly. This method is surely effective than only reading lessons completely. In this manner, it can be an easy task to grasp the important points on what you need to know during the time of examination.

(v) Practice previous year question paper: This is the best way in order to boost up your confidence. In order to pre-prepare for the type of questions that can make up for an examination, candidates need to have a thorough practice from past question papers. Especially, one can figure out the marks allotted for the different part of the syllabus. Take for an example if the weightage of Vectors is more than probability, then one needs to focus more attention on Vectors in order to score well in an examination.

All these tips need to be followed if one hopes to score well in their board examination. Practicing all these steps will definitely make students to follow a routine study work in a planned way thus making them prepare for their examination.

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