Tips to be Followed Before Appearing an Interview


Tips to be Followed Before Appearing an Interview


  1. Know About the Bank –

The very first thing to start your preparation is to do an appropriate research on the banks which you have marked as your preferences.

*Search their website and know all about the bank and make a list of the useful information like bank’s history, size, position, services etc. It will help you answer questions asked by the recruiter like what is the reason behind choosing the bank as your career.

*You should also collect knowledge about the important banking terms like Repo rate, Reverse repo rate, CRR, RTGS, inflation, etc.

*It will show your hard work and efforts to the interviewer regarding the research you have done about the bank and make him realize that how much you are interested in the job.


  1. Practice Mock Interviews –

It’s normal if you feel nervous to attend an interview. It’s a very common problem among the candidates.

But you have to spend some time to work out this problem because this nervousness can waste your whole preparation for the interview as you will not be able to speak confidently and give the correct answer of the questions asked by the interviewer.

*To overcome the problem you should take mock interview sessions. It will help you increase the level of confidence and the ability to respond the interviewer without repeating the same thing.

*Mock interviews simulate the actual job interviews and they are also conducted by career professionals. Therefore, help you to give positive inputs to your performance.

*It will help you figure out your weak areas, guide you to make improvements and thus, boost your confidence level.


  1. General Awareness and Current Affairs –

Prepare strongly for general awareness, as there will be many questions related to GA and current affairs.

*Make, reading newspapers a daily routine. We advise you to prefer English newspapers that could improve your vocabulary because most of the interviewers prefer their questions to be answered in the English language.

*Be aware to all the important things happening in the world related to a business environment, banking industries, big summits, sports, awards in various fields, books, and their authors, important people in the news, appointments, deaths etc.

*You have to study at least 4-6 months GA to perform well in the interviews.


  1. Secure the Complete Knowledge About Your Region / Locality –

While asking about your background the interviewer will ask you questions related to your locality and the places you lived or worked.

*The purpose of asking these question is that they get to know your understanding and curiosity about the world.

*Questions related to your regions are asked to judge your ambitions, idea, and experience about the reality of the environment around you.

*So, attain full knowledge about the place you were born, brought up, lived, worked etc.

*Find out the things your city is famous for, whether your city is having a record in history, etc

  1. Evaluate Your Resume –

The purpose of a resume is to show your records and details in a perfect approach for the job you have applied.

*The elements of the resume should be very clear and in an easy format to be understood by the interviewer, as they hardly spend 1-2 minutes to have a look at that.

*The resume should not only be clear but also, able to give a positive impact for the job.

*Create your resume in an organized manner and systematic manner with all the required key elements as your name, address, contact no., email id, your hobbies, educational qualification, work experience (if any), etc.


  1. Preparation for the Most Frequently Asked Questions –

As we know that for every kind of interview there will some questions which are asked to each candidate as it will help the interviewer to understand the behaviour and the eminence of the candidate intended for the job. We are giving you some ideas for preparing questions which are asked in the IBPS interviews:-

*Prepare answers related to your personal details like what is your name and question about the profession of family members.

*Details about your field of education. About various subjects, you have studied in Graduation or Post-Graduation. Revise the important matters about your subjects because there is a possibility that you may be questioned about anything related to your education field. And most essentially prepare an answer which could define your field; for example, if in graduation or post-graduation you had Economics as your subject, then you could be asked about the definition of Economics. So be prepared with an exact definition.

*You have to answer them regarding your weakness and strength. While answering this question, be positive. Like when you explain your weakness, tell them that you are working on them. While explaining your strength just be positive and tell them that you have good communication and leadership skills. You do your work with perfection.

*If they tell you to ask any query/ask about the reason to join the bank then just tell them that it’s your dream job and simply ask about the procedure after the interview. Don’t ever tell them that you are preparing for any other exams too as that will show that you are not that much dedicated to getting that job.

*If they ask how many years you can work with them, simply tell them as long as possible.


  1. Follow 3 Secret Mantras of Healthy Living – Proper Diet, Sleep, and Exercise –

During the period of preparation take healthy diet. Don’t skip your food, especially your breakfast.

*Eating three big meals a day will slow down your mental and physical status. So, take 5-6 small meals at regular intervals, as it will help you in keeping nutrient and the energy level of your body will remain stable.

*Take proper sleep to get free from stress. It is a fact that when you sleep, the ability of your mind to recall memory and concentration improves. So never skip your sleep for studying at night, as it will make your memory weak.

*The most important thing, do exercise or yoga, whichever you prefer, regularly. Because it will help you to remain fit mentally and physically, which will be impressive at the time of interview.