UP Government inaugurates ‘ e-Sushrut ’ HMIS in UP Medical Colleges


1. International Thick Grain Year – 2023 begins with concentrated activities of Central Ministries, State Governments and Indian Embassies

International Thick Grain Year – 2023 Has begun with the concentrated activities of central ministries, state governments and Indian embassies। Prime minister Narendra Modi Initiative of and Government of India On the proposal of United Nations Ne International rough grain year 2023Has declared। This will help create awareness about its benefits as a smart superfood of coarse grains in sustainable agriculture। It will be celebrated with enthusiasm in India as well as globally। Thick grain is also an integral part of the meetings of the G20 countries and its representatives will accept it, Through meeting farmers and dialogue sessions with start-ups and farmer producing organizations, the experience of thick grain will be found। During the Indus Valley civilization, many evidence has been found which suggests that thick grain was one of the first crops grown in India।

2. Start of chairmanship of India’s really business

India 1 January 2023 from Chairman of plenary session of Wassenaar Agreement has been made। in this agreement 42 countries included Huh। this A legal system governing settlement exportsIn which the handwriting of conventional weapons and dual-use items is monitored। The 26th annual plenary session of the agreement was held last year at 30 Navam and one Decam in Vienna, the Austrian capital, in which the Ambassador of Ireland gave Ambassador of India Jaideep Mazumdar The chairperson was assigned। Mr. Mazumdar is the strong representative of India in United Nations and International Organizations in Vienna। India joined the Wassenaar Agreement as the 42nd member country in December 2017। The Wassenaar Agreement is a multilateral export-control system, which aims to make the transfer of conventional weapons and dual-use items and technologies more transparent and reversible। For this, regular exchange of information between member countries has been arranged।

3. Tamil Nadu launches Nilgiri Tahar project

Tamil Nadu Government For the protection of state animals Eucalypti Tahar Project Has started। Eucalyptus Tahar Ungulate Which is endemic to the southern part of the Western and Eastern Ghats in Kerala and Tamil Nadu। It is mainly found in the hills of Nilgiri। this Tamil Nadu Of state animalis। In the past, this species was found throughout the region of the Western Ghats। It is currently seen only in small fragmented areas। Most of the population is not found within its historical range and the current Tahr is struggling to survive due to various challenges। This species is listed as endangered in the IUCN Red List of threatened species। It is protected under Schedule I of India’s Wildlife ( Conservation ) Act, 1972 due to countless threats। It is currently fragmentation of habitats, invasion of alien species, wildfires, Local extinction is under threat due to challenges such as over-exploitation of forest resources and lack of ecological data or understanding।

4. Delhi Government approved Solar Policy 2022

Delhi Government recently Solar policy 2022 Approved the draft of। 2022 policy The installed capacity proposed by the 2016 policy was revised from 2,000 MW to 6,000 MW by 2025 Does so The share of solar energy in Delhi’s electricity demand can be increased from the current 9 percent to 25 percent in 3 years। It aims to create an integrated single-window state portal to provide information about the benefits of solar PV systems, process-related guidelines and timelines। This portal will be maintained by Delhi Solar Cell। Various incentives such as production based incentives ( GBI ) and capital subsidies will be provided by the Delhi government to increase the demand for solar energy। Monthly GBI will be provided for residential, group housing societies and residential welfare associations। For commercial and industrial consumers,GBI will be provided for 5 years from the date of commissioning of solar power। An initial-bid GBI of Rs 1 per kWh will be provided to industrial and commercial consumers for the first time for 200 MW solar deployment। Capital subsidy will be provided for residential consumers to install high structures with minimum ground clearance greater than 6 feet। Roof top solar panels will not impose taxes and fees for the production of energy whether it is for self-consumption or supplied to the grid।

5. Mr. Anil Kumar Lahoti took over as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Railway Board

Mr. Anil Kumar Lahoti Ne Railway Board ( Ministry of Railways ) Took over as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ( CEO)। The Appointment Committee of the Cabinet has approved the appointment of Mr. Anil Kumar Lahoti to the post of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Railway Board from 01.01.2023 । He took over as a member, Infrastructure on the Railway Board on 17.12.2022।

6. Benjamin Netanyahu became the sixth-time Israeli PM

Benjamin Netanyahu once again Israel Has become Prime Minister। He was sworn in as Prime Minister। Netanyahu, who is the longest PM of his country, has the support of 63 MPs in the 120-member NESET ( Parliament )। 73-year-old Netanyahu sixth time Has assumed the responsibility of Prime Minister। Prime minister Narendra Modi Netanyahu has congratulated Israel on becoming the new Prime Minister।

7. Central Government will start new integrated food security scheme from 1 January 2023

Central government Of New Integrated Food Safety Plan 1 January 2023 Is about to start from। As per the decision made by the Central Cabinet under the leadership of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, The new scheme will provide free food grains during the year 2023 to 81.35 crore beneficiaries under the National Food Security Act-NFSA। The scheme will also ensure effective and uniform implementation of the National Food Security Act ( NFSA )।

8. State-owned Vapakos declared top consulting firm by Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank (ADB ) Of his Annual Annual Purchase Report 2022 Owned by the Government of India Water and Power Consultancy Services India Limited ( Vapakos ) to company Top consulting services firm in water and other infrastructure sectorsIs ranked as। In another report on the Fact Sheet – 2022 of its members issued by ADB, ADB loan, energy, to WAPCOS, India’s top 3 consultants included in consulting service contracts have been included under technical assistance projects in the transport and water and other urban infrastructure sectors। Vapkos is the only Indian public sector to be included in the above categories।The Asian Development Bank based in Manila, Philippines is a regional development bank for Asia and the Asia-Pacific region। It has 68 member countries and is headed by Masatsugu Asakawa। It also releases the Asian Development Outlook Report।

9. Luiz Inacio Lula the Silva will be sworn in as President of Brazil

Left leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Brazil Will take oath as President amid tight security in the capital of। Mr. Lula da Silva won in October by defeating Jair Bolsonaro।

10. UP Government inaugurates ‘ e-Sushrut ’ HMIS in UP Medical Colleges

Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Brijesh Pathak And Minister of State for Medical Education Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh 22 state medical colleges In ‘E-sushrut’ Hospital Management Information System ( HMIS ) Inaugurated। The initiative was launched by the State Department of Medical Education in collaboration with the Center for Development of Advanced Computing ( CDAC)। Hospital Management Information System has been implemented in all hospitals in UP। This facility will now facilitate online bed registration, doctors, ICUs and booking of operation in medical colleges। With this initiative, doctors will be able to view the report from their computer after the investigation report is online।

11. First International Beach Festival in Kerala

Kerala Far north of ‘Spice Coast’, called North Malabar Known as, ‘ from 24 DecemberBeckel International Beach FestivalIs organizing ’। Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan Inaugurated the 10-day first International Beach Festival। The festival reflects the entirety and essence of the cultural and artistic distinctiveness of the state। About five lakh people from all over the world enjoyed this festival, taking place at three places in Chandragiri, Tejaswini and Payswini। The festival reflects a cross-section of culture and unique identity of the land।

12. This improvement in the balance sheets of Indian banks showed after 7 years

Central bank of india Reserve Bank of India Regarding the health of the country’s banks ‘Banking trends and progress in India’ report released। RBI has clearly stated in its review report that Improvement in financial health of country banksIt is visible and for this, the basis has to be kept in mind that in the financial year 2021-22, the growth of the balance sheet of banks has come in double digits and seven years like this Has happened after। Certainly it shows the better quality of banks and better capital position and there is a decrease in gross NPA which is encouraging। Accordingly, in September 2022, the GNPA of banks came to five percent of total assets। It reached the highest level after conducting asset quality review of banks in FY 2017-18। The report says that the GNPA of banks stood at 5.8 percent at the end of FY 2021-22। The report says that the GNPA of foreign banks, unlike Indian banks, increased from 0.2 percent to 0.5 percent in FY 2021-22।

13. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakisthan in Pakisthan announced his government with a full cabinet

Pakisthan in Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakisthan-TTP Ne Announcement of his government with full cabinetHas done। Directly challenging the sovereignty of Pakistan, TTP has given its faction defense, Nayadhari, information, political affairs, economic affairs, education, The fatwa issuing authority has announced new appointments by dividing them into various ministries like Intelligence Department and Construction Department। According to sources, TTP has divided the areas into two pranks where its control is weak or it has a dispute with Pakistan। Last month, TTP formally concluded its ceasefire agreement with Pakistan। The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakisthan or the Student Movement of Pakisthan is the principal organization of various Islamic Sami Sashastra militant factions operating on the Afghanis-Pakistan border। This militant coalition was formed in the year 2007 with the aim of mass opposing the Pakistani army। TTP,Pakisyan’s tribal ilks and Khyber Pakhankh wants to end Pakisth’s control from the province and apply the Shariyat in Pakisthan। TTP leaders have an open view that their group wants to establish the Isami Caliphate in Pakisthan and this requires the overthrow of the Pakisthani government।

14. Venezuela and Colombia reopen Tyanditas bridge

South americ countries – Venezuela and Colombia Ne Tyanditas bridge Through Freight and movement of passengers Has reopened its shared range। The two countries opened their border of Tachira province in western Venezuela in September last year। The political relations of the two countries have strengthened since Gus Tavo Petro became president in Colombia। The two countries have also appointed ambassadors to each other।

15. Central Home and Cooperation Minister Mr. Amit Shah laid the foundation stone of Central Detective Training Institute ( CDTI ) in Devanhalli, Karnataka and inaugurated the residential and administrative complexes of ITBP

Central Home and Cooperation Minister Mr. Amit Shah Ne Karnataka Devanhalli in Central Detective Training Institute ( CDTI ) laid the foundation stone of and Indo-Tibet Border Police ( ITBP) K Inauguration of residential and administrative complexes did। The premises of ITBP inaugurated by Mr. Amit Shah include residential quarters, joint buildings, barracks for 120 soldiers, staff officer mess and officers mess। On this occasion, several dignitaries including the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. Basavraj Bommai, the Central Minister Mr. Pralhad Joshi were present।

16. Prabhu Chandra Mishra was awarded the Atal Honor Award

Former prime minister Self. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Navam National in Science Building to commemorate the birth day of ‘Atal honor ceremony’ and musical Atal saga were organized। The Atal Honor Ceremony Trust organized। The following are the unwavering honors given in various fields this year

  • Kanhaiya Mittal, Famous Hymn Singer, Chandigadha, Atal Culture Shikhar Hon
  • Yashpal Sharma, Haryana – Film Artist – Atal Kalakirti Shikhar
  • Ajay Bhai, Delhi – Katha Vachak – Atal Pragya Shikhar
  • Divya Kakran, Arjun Award, Player, Women’s Wrestler, Goldmedalist, Atal Krida Shikhar Hon
  • Shabna Shashidharan, Danyangana, Kerala, Atal Dance Niranat Shikhar Hon
  • Prabhu Chandra Mishra, Bihar, Atal Inventor Shikhar
  • Preity Gupta, filmmaker – Atal Ujjwala Shikhar
  • Berendra Mehra, Atal Vibhuti Shikhar Hon
  • Omprakash Paramar, Atal Samaj Savi Shikhar
  • Rajiv Gupta, Atal Seva Shikhar Hon
  • Ravi Kumar Varshaye, Atal Shriut Shikhar Hon
  • Anuj Mathur, Rajasthan, Major General, Awarded Distinguished Service Medal, Atal Shaurya Shikhar Hon

17. Haryana won the title of Play India Youth Games Why Fires by winning under-18 women’s hockey

Under-18 women’s hockey In, Haryana Ne Central region Defeated 2–0 Play India Youth Games Climmy Fires Has won the title of। Bhubanesh Pooja and Gurmel Kaur scored one goal each from Haryana in the final bout। In the third and fourth place Odisa Ne Jharkhand Defeated 2–1 to achieve a third place। with this Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Odisa and Jharkhand Has done the same for the Sports India Youth Games in Madhya Pradesh next year।

18. South African all-rounder Farhan Behradin announced his retirement

South Africa Of T20 team Former captain all-rounder Farhan Behradin Has retired from international cricket। He announced his decision on social media। Farhan Behradin, 39, played 59 ODI matches in his international career। Behrdin, who made his debut in 2013, played the last international match for South Africa in November 2018।

19. Former Pope Benedict-16th died at his residence in Vatican City

Former Catholic Pope Emeritus Benedict – 16th Has died in Vatican City at the age of 95। He had been ill for several days। that Oldest pope Were one of them। He had been the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church for nearly eight years। Benedict born 16th Germany And his childhood name Joseph Ratzinger Was। To benedict April 19, 2005 Popular pope John paul II The Pope was elected in place of। He was 78 at the time and was one of the oldest pope। He was the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church for nearly eight years। They in 2013 Had stepped down and First Pope to resign after Gregory-12th in 1415 Were made