Vice President Jagdeep Dhanakhad inaugurates Hornbill Mahot Sav in Nagaland


1. Vice President Jagdeep Dhanakhad inaugurates Hornbill Mahot Sav in Nagaland

Vice President Shri Jagdeep Dhanakhar Ne Nagaland Capital of Kohima near Naga Heritage Village Kissama in Hornbill Festival K 23rd edition Inaugurated।। During this time Mr. Dhanakhar said that this day is a historic moment for the country as India has taken over the chairmanship of G-20। The theme of this mahog is ‘This is Nagaland‘ Nagaland’s unique culture and art is being showcased in the Mahit Sav।

2. India formally assumed the chairmanship of G20 for one year

India for one year G20 chairperson Eclipsed। With the G20 symbol nationwide after assuming the chairmanship of the G20 group Light on hundred squares Several events will be organized including doing। On 16 November 2022, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo ceded Prime Minister Modi as the Chairman of the G-20 during the G20 Bali Summit in Indonesia। But officially India took over the chairmanship of the G-20 from 1 December 2022। India will preside over the G20 from 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023। During its chairmanship, India will hold around 200 meetings in 32 different regions at several locations across the country। The 18th G-20 Leaders’ Summit at the level of Heads of State/ Government is scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 9-10 September 2023। Subject of G20 Presidency of India – “Vasudhava Kutumbak” or “one earth one family one future” – is derived from the ancient Sanskrit text of the Maha Upanishads। With India getting the presidency of G20 Bang Ladesh Too Invited nation Has become able to attend other meetings including the organization’s summits।

3. Ministry of External Affairs said – India will handle the chairperson of the really public system on the first date of next month

foreign Ministry Has said that India, Chairperson of a genuine person First date of next month Will handle। Was Multilateral Export Control Administration In which the member country Exchange of information on various issues like transfer of mutual weapons We do। To india Seven December 2017 Was Senar’s arrangement on the day of 42nd memberWas included as। Entry into India’s export control administration will add credibility to our country in the nuclear non-proliferation sector, although India is not a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – NPT। India took over the chairmanship of the United Nations Security Council from 1 December 2022। He said that special attention will be given to multilateralism or against terrorism।

4. Inauguration of Digi Travel Facility at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi

Central civil aviation minister Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia Ne New Delhi in Indira Gandhi International Airport From the country’s three airports, New Delhi, Varanasi and Bengaluru for Digi Yatra Launched। Digi travel hypothesis at airports Facial Identification Technology ( FRT ) Based on passengers Contactless and uninterrupted movementHas been to provide।। However, its trial was done on 15 August at Indira Gandhi Airport in the national capital Delhi। But it has been launched on Officially 1 Dinsbar। The number of passengers at airports under Digi Yatra will be based on facial recognition technology। Digi travel in the first phase will be started at 7 airports। But initially it has been started today in 3 airports i.e. Delhi, Bengaluru and Varanasi, followed by Hyderabad, Kolkata, till March 2023, It will be launched at 4 airports like Pune and Vijayawada। It will later be implemented at various airports in the country। The service is currently being launched for passengers on domestic flights। The Digi Travel app is available on both iOS and Android platforms। It will be used on a voluntary basis।

5. CCI will investigate all complaints related to GST profiteering

Goods and Services Tax – GST All complaints related to profiteering investigation of 1 Dinsbar from Indian Competition Commission-CCI Will do। CCI, National Anti-Profitting Authority -NAA Will take the place of। Earlier, the Directorate General of Anti-Proficiency used to investigate complaints from consumers about not giving benefit to the GST rate cuts of companies। NAA then took a final decision on these complaints। The NAA’s term ended last month and its functioning has now been handed over to CCI।

6. India’s Ambassador to America Taranjit Singh Sandhu’s term extended by one year

America Ambassador of india Taranjit Singh Sandhu Tenure of Increase by one year to 31 January 2024 has been done। He was retiring in January 2023। Shri Sandhu is an officer of the Indian Foreign Service of 1988 batch। He has been Deputy Chief in the Indian Embassy three times between 2013 and 2017। Shri Sandhu is the Ambassador of India to the United States since 2020।

7. The center consulted FM radio channels to stop broadcasting programs promoting narcotics, weapons, gangsters and guns.

Center FM radio channels from Alcohol, drugs, weapons, gangsters and gun-collectors Glorifying Asked not to broadcast the songsis। In consultation with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, it is said that the broadcast of such songs or the intoxication and gun-collector related musical program described above is a violation of the AIR Program Code of Conduct। It is also stated that the acceptance of the permission agreement provides that the recipient of the permission must accept the programs and advertising code being followed by AIR। The consultation states that any form of violation will be taken according to the terms and conditions given in the acceptance of the permission agreement। It has also been said that such elements easily affect the children of the age and give rise to gangster culture।

8. Instructions to remove diesel auto in a phased manner by Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan by the year 2026

Air Quality Management Commission Ne Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan State governments of Instructions for phased removal of diesel auto by the end of the year 2026 Have given। The Commission has also directed the state governments to ensure new registration of electric autos and CNGs in the entire NCR only from next month। The Commission has found in the investigation that diesel fueled autos are operating in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan causing a high amount of pollution।

9. 46 percent drop in annual rate of HIV infection

National AIDS Control Organization – NACO Has told that Between 2010 and 2021 32 percent of the global average of HIV infection against the decline 46 percent of the country’s annual rate There is a decline। NACO, according to AIDS 76 percent reduction in soil number During the period, while 52 percent decrease in global average death I।

10. Atal Innovation Campaign-Aim invites applications for Community Innovation Fellowship

NITI Aayog K Atal Innovation Campaign-Aim Ne Community Innovation Fellowship (CIF) Applications have been invited for। It is a one-year intensive fellowship program। The initiative aims to facilitate knowledge-promoting and provide the necessary infrastructure for interested community neo-entrepreneurs। Twenty-two innovators are being trained under this program। There are currently 14 such centers in nine states। Aim plans to establish fifty Atal community innovation centers across the country।

11. Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme Third largest crop insurance in the world

Prime Crop Insurance Scheme Third largest crop insurance in the world And every year there are about five crore applications for crop insurance scheme for this scheme। In this way, this plan will reach the first point in the world in the coming years। The acceptance of the scheme has increased among farmers in the last six years। Starting in 2016 After the scheme, the share of farmers who have not taken loans, marginal farmers and small farmers has increased by 282 percent। In the last five years, farmers have deposited more than Rs 25 thousand crore as premium, Whereas till October this year, more than Rs 25 thousand crore has been released to the farmers for payment related to their claims। The Ministry of Agriculture has misjudged these media reports that farmers in some districts of Maharashtra are getting less amount of insurance claim।

12. 48,500 years old ‘Zambi virus’ from under a frozen lake in Russia’

European Researchers by Russia From under a frozen lake 48,500 years old ‘Zambi virus’ Concern has been raised over the possibility of an epidemic resulting from the revival and infection। Researchers warned that melting of permanently permanent infighting land in the Arctic ( permafrost ) could pose a new public health threat due to the effects of climate change। 13 new pathogens ( pathogen ) have been identified as ‘Zambi virus’, which remained contagious despite being several millennia old in permafrost। It came into existence as a result of melting of permafrost caused by an increase in global temperature। The new variant is one of 13 wires, each of which has its own genome।

13. Joint exercise with Singapore Armed Forces concluded in Agni Warrior Devalali ( Maharashtra )

Singapore Army And Indian Army A bilateral practice between fire warrior Of 12th edition, Field firing range, dated November 13, 2022, Devalali ( Maharashtra ) Started in, concluded on November 30, 2022। The military forces of the two countries under the practice fire warrior jointly demonstrated and executed firepower and in this exercise new generation equipment by the artillery branch of both armies Used।

14. Advanced Light Helicopter MK-III Squadron of Indian Coast Guard, 840 SQN ( CG ), commissioned at Chennai

Coast Guard Area East, 840 Squadron ( CG ) As part of the major effort to further strengthen Advanced Light Helicopter ( ALH ) MK-III Scavodron Director General Mr. VS Pathania On November 30, 2022 ICG Air Station, Chennai Commissioned in। The commissioning of the said 840 scavodron ( CG ) is an indication that the country is moving rapidly towards self-sufficiency in the field of helicopter manufacturing। ALH MK-III helicopters Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ( HAL)Has built, which is completely indigenous। It includes electro optical sensory devices with advanced radar, power engines, fully glaze cockpits, fast light search lights, advanced communication systems, automatic detection systems, Search and rescue systems are in place। With the help of these equipment and facilities, the helicopter can carry out far-flourishing and rescue operations in addition to marine reconnaissance activities। The helicopter is capable of carrying out the above activities by flying from ships both day and night।

15. SEBI constituted committee to review acquisition rules

SEBI Ne Formation of a high-level committee to review acquisition rules Have done। The initiative aims to simplify and strengthen existing regulations by adopting appropriate global behavior। According to information on the regulator’s website, the 20-member committee was chaired by Punjab and former Chief Justice of Haryana High Court Sj stipadar will do। The committee consists of representatives from SEBI, stock market BSE and NSE as well as law firms। The committee will advise the regulator on matters related to the acquisition of shares and ease of business।

16. Sebi declares Sundaraman Ramamurthy as the new MD and CEO of BSE

Market regulator SEBI ( Sebi ) Ne Sundaraman Ramamurthy Has approved the appointment of BSE Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)। Sebi approved this on Monday। BSE i.e. Bombay Stock Exgenz is a major stock exchange of the Indian stock market। The BSE stated in the regulatory notice that this appointment is dependent on the acceptance of the offer made to them and other terms and conditions including the approval of shareholders। The Securities and Exchange Board of India approved the appointment of Ramamurthy through a letter on 28 November।

17. NDTV promoter company transferred 99.5% shares of Adani Group to VCPL

Media firm New Delhi Television Limited ( NDTV ) Promoter company RRPR Holding Said it shares 99.5 percent of its equity capital Adani Group Owned by World-Prime Commercial Private Limited ( VCPL) Has been transferred to। Transfer of shares to Adani Group in NDTV 29.18 percent share Will get control of। Also in port-to-power group media firm 26 percent share Is also offering an open for। According to BSE data, 53 lakh shares or 31.78 per cent shares have been offered so far in the open offering which started on 22 November।

18. Ravish Kumar resigns from NDTV

News channel Ndtv Senior Executive Editor Ravish Kumar Resigned from his post। Ravish Kumar is one of the most popular faces of NDTV ( Hindi )। Ravish Kumar has been awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award in the year 2019 for his contribution to the journalism world। In addition, he was also awarded the Ramnath Goenka Excellence Award twice।

19. ‘ Mariam Webster ’ declared the word ‘ gaslighting ’ as Word of the Year for the year 2022

World’s Well-known Publishers ‘Mariam webster’ a term for the year 2022 ‘Gaslighting’ (Gaslighting) has been declared Word of the Year। The term is defined in the dictionary as: “ the act or practice of widely misleading someone, especially for their own benefit. ” Gaslighting refers to playing with someone on a psychological level for a long time, so that the victim begins to doubt the validity of one’s own thoughts and the real realization of oneself। Gaslighting can also be a corporate trickery to confuse the public। Easy language gaslighting, with someone Psychologically cheating is।

20. Artemis-1 lunar mission record from Earth reaching the highest distance of 4,32,210 kilometers

NASA Without crew Orion spacecraft Of the 1970s Apollo-13 Has broken the record established during the lunar mission। Orion spacecraft sent under Artemis mission 4,32,210 km from Earth Reached। The earlier record is the name of the Apollo-13 mission। It was installed at a distance of 4,00,171 kilometers from Earth। The US Space Agency said the spacecraft is in good condition as it is on its journey in distant retrograde orbit। The Artemis-1 mission is the most important mission after NASA’s Mars mission। The spacecraft will return by traveling to the moon in 42 days। This is a major step towards landing astronauts on the moon for the first time since the US Apollo mission 50 years ago।

21. 60th Sapna Day of Nagaland

Nagaland own 60th Snap Day Is celebrating। Ngaland’s Establishment Day is celebrated on 01 December। Nagaland 01 December 1963 to Indian Union K 16th stateK came into existence in the rupee। Nagaland is surrounded by Myamar in the east, Arunachal Pradesh in the north, Assam in the west and Manipur in the south। The Saramati mountain range between Nagaland and Myamar forms the natural boundary which is also the highest hill in Nagaland। About 70% of the state’s population is dependent on agriculture and the main food crop here is paddy, in addition paddy is cultivated on 70% of the total agriculture। Here the slash and burn system of farming is prevalent which is locally called Jhoom farming। The Dimapur district of the state is connected to railway and air traffic from all over the country। In Nagaland, ‘ Hornbill Festival ’ is held in the first week of December month each year।

22. Border Security Force Establishment Day

Per year 1 December ‘Border security forceThe installation day of ’ (BSF) is celebrated। In view of the special purpose of protecting the Indian borders after the India-Pakistan War In the year 1965 The Border Protection Force (BSF) was established। this Ministry of Home Affairs ( MHA ) Of India under administrative control of Five Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF)Is one of। More than 2.65 lakh defense personnel of the Border Security Force ( BSF ) are stationed on the borders of Pakistan and Bangladesh। Seals of the Border Security Force (BSF) have been deployed on anti-Naxal operations, India-Pakistan International Border, India-Bangladesh International Border and Line of Control ( LoC)। It consists of an air wing, Marine wing, an artillery regiment and commando unit। The Border Security Force (BSF) protects Sir Creek in the Arabian Sea and the Sundarbans Delta in the Bay of Bengal through its state-of-the-art ships। In addition, the Border Security Force (BSF) also serves to save human lives during a natural disaster when needed। Also its trained personnel are also sent to UN peacekeeping operations। Other Central Armed Police Forces are: Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), Central Industrial Security Force (CISF),Indo-Tibet Border Police (ITBP), Armed Border Force (SSB)।

23. World AIDS: 1 December

every year 1 December Worldwide World aids day Is celebrated। It is celebrated to show support for people infected with HIV and to pay tribute to patients who have lost their lives। In 1988, World AIDS Day was celebrated as the first International Health Day। World AIDS Day theme this year “Equalize” is a call to action। World AIDS Day was first recognized in 1987।

24. Remembrance Day for all victims of chemical warfare: 30 November

United Nations Every year since 2005 30 November to Day of Remembrance for all Victims of Chemical Warfare Yanni Days of memory of victims of chemical warfare Is celebrated as। This day to pay tribute to the victims of chemical warfare, as well as to eliminate the threat of essential chemical weapons to encourage the goals of peace, security and multilateralism, The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons reflects the commitment of ( Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons )।

25. Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor passed away

Toyota Kirlosker Motor Vice president of Vikram S. Kirloskar Has passed away। He was 64 years old। According to information provided by the company, he died due to a heart attack। Vikram Kirloskar, a pioneer of India’s automotive industry, was instrumental in bringing Japan’s Toyota Motor Corp to India in the late 1990s। He earned a mechanical engineering degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US। A fourth generation member of the Kirloskar Group, which began in 1888, was president and managing director of Kirloskar Systems Ltd. and vice president of Toyota Kirloskar Motor। The Kirlosker Group manufactures pumps, engines and compressors along with most other related products