1. TENACITY (NOUN): diligence

Synonyms: determination, perseverance

Antonyms: idleness, slackness

Example Sentence: Without tenacity, you will not be able to complete the marathon.


  1. PANICKY (ADJECTIVE): frightened

Synonyms: worried, afraid

Antonyms: confident, calm

Example Sentence: Many women feel panicky when travelling alone at night.


  1. PANEGYRIC (NOUN): tribute

Synonyms: praise, homage

Antonyms: dishonor, disrespect

Example Sentence: It is traditional to deliver a panegyric to the departed.


  1. PANDER (VERB): indulge

Synonyms: please, satisfy

Antonyms: anger, annoy

Example Sentence: The government has pandered to the terrorists for far too long.


  1. OBESE (ADJECTIVE): very overweight

Synonyms: corpulent, heavy

Antonyms: skinny, underweight

Example Sentence: My sister was fairly slim as a child, but has had to fight obesity all her adult life.


  1. PARRY (VERB): ward off

Synonyms: avoid, dodge

Antonyms: allow, attract

Example Sentence: He parried questions about his involvement in the affair.


  1. PATENT (ADJECTIVE): unconcealed

Synonyms: obvious, apparent

Antonyms: concealed, hidden

Example Sentence: This was a patent lie.


  1. PENSIVE (ADJECTIVE): thoughtful

Synonyms: serious, sober

Antonyms: ignorant, negligent

Example Sentence: Nowadays, Shahab is looking very pensive.


  1. PEREMPTORY (ADJECTIVE): autocratic

Synonyms: intolerant, dogmatic

Antonyms: lenient, mild

Example Sentence: He treated his colleagues in a peremptory manner.


  1. SHED (VERB): cast off

Synonyms: discard, scrap

Antonyms: keep, collect

Example Sentence: The failing economy had forced the company to shed over 500 positions this past quarter.