1. BYGONE (ADJECTIVE): in the past

Synonyms: former, ancient

Antonyms: alive, modern

Example Sentence:It was his bygone statement.


  1. BALK (VERB): hesitate

Synonyms: resist, shirk

Antonyms: accept, face

Example Sentence:He balked at such a drastic solution.


  1. AVID (ADJECTIVE): ardent

Synonyms: eager, fervent

Antonyms: apathetic, cold

Example Sentence:Siddharth is an avid man.


  1. BUTTRESS (VERB): support

Synonyms: strengthen, uphold

Antonyms: weaken, letdown

Example Sentence:This pillar can buttress this wall.


  1. CANONICAL (ADJECTIVE): accepted

Antonyms: lawful, legal

Synonyms: unacceptable, unauthorized

Example Sentence:It is a canonical truth.


  1. CASTIGATE (VERB): berate

Synonyms: chastise, criticize

Antonyms: praise, laud

Example Sentence:She was castigated by the teacher.


  1. BURGEON (VERB): prosper

Synonyms: sprout, blossom

Antonyms: fade, diminish

Example Sentence:You will burgeon day after day.


  1. BENIGN (ADJECTIVE): kindly

Synonyms: favorable, friendly

Antonyms: unkind, unfriendly

Example Sentence:She like her benign presence at the party.


  1. BOGUS (ADJECTIVE): counterfeit

Synonyms: fake, forged

Antonyms: real, honest

Example Sentence:She is a bogus person.


  1. BOOR (NOUN): clod

Synonyms: barbarian, brute

Antonyms: charmer, enthusiast

Example Sentence:Why do act as a boor?