Vocab of the day – 21/02/2017



1.SETBACK (NOUN): misfortune

Synonyms: disappointment, blow

Antonyms: boost, assistance

Example Sentence: The quick action of the police proved a setback for the terrorists.

  1. LUKEWARM (ADJECTIVE):lightly heated

Synonyms: warm, tepid

Antonyms: chilly, cold

Example Sentence:  He requested a bowl of lukewarm water.


  1. VANGUARD (NOUN):leader

Synonyms: lead, forerunner

Antonyms: followers, supporters

Example Sentence:  He is a superb vanguard of our department.

  1. HEED (NOUN):attention

Synonyms: consideration, cognizance

Antonyms: disdain, heedlessness

Example Sentence:  You should not pay heed to anyone who tries to break your concentration.

  1. SUMMON (VERB):call to a place

Synonyms: assemble, invite

Antonyms: disperse, dismiss

Example Sentence: They summoned the leaders to their chamber for counselling.

  1. UNSTEADILY (ADVERB):unequally

Synonyms: unevenly, haphazardly

Antonyms: equally, evenly

Example Sentence:  The tasks should not be distributed unsteadily rather it should be distributed equally.

  1. OVERTHROW (VERB):win over

Synonyms: conquer, topple

Antonyms: establish, uphold

Example Sentence:  Ashoka overthrew his brothers to establish his kingdom.



Synonyms: champion, exemplar

Antonyms: mediocre, second fiddle

Example Sentence:  He is the protagonist of the project and has changed our lives to a lot of extent.


  1. RHETORICAL (ADJECTIVE):well presented

Synonyms: flamboyant, embellished

Antonyms: concise, boring

Example Sentence:  His rhetorical presentation left us all absolutely stunned.


  1. SUCCESSION (NOUN):sequence

Synonyms: cycle, series

Antonyms: disorder, chaotic

Example Sentence: The events happened in a repetitive succession.