1. BEMOAN (VERB): deplore

Synonyms: mourn, lament

Antonyms: be happy, praise

Example Sentence:They bemoan at the sudden demise of their father.


  1. DISDAIN (NOUN): hate

Synonyms: antipathy, aversion

Antonyms: admiration, approval

Example Sentence:I have so much disdain for cheaters.


  1. GRUESOME (ADJECTIVE): horrible

Synonyms: awful, frightful

Antonyms: attractive, beautiful

Example Sentence:She is expert in making gruesome facial expressions.


  1. GRUELING (ADJECTIVE): difficult

Synonyms: arduous, backbreaking

Antonyms: easy, effortless

Example Sentence:It is a grueling task.


  1. GARGANTUAN (ADJECTIVE): very large

Synonyms: enormous, gigantic

Antonyms: dwarfed, miniature

Example Sentence:Khali has a gargantuan body.


  1. BESET (VERB): besiege

Synonyms: embarrass, beleaguer

Antonyms: free, surrender

Example Sentence:He is beset with difficulties.


  1. DETEST (VERB): abhor

Synonyms: hate, loathe

Antonyms: like, love

Example Sentence:The animal activists detest people who purchase fur coats.


  1. MODICUM (NOUN): iota

Synonyms: ounce, pinch

Antonyms: lot, entirety

Example Sentence:All I need is a modicum of money to pay for my basic needs.



Synonyms: dwarf, meager

Antonyms: big, large

Example Sentence:I saw a miniscule animal there.


  1. GRIEVANCE (NOUN): complaint

Synonyms: grief, outrage

Antonyms: joy, delight

Example Sentence:He has a grievance to share.